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bernie-t 01-30-2001 03:50 PM

lifeline stanchions
I am going to take the stanchions off the deck and thru bolt them to the bulwarks with either teak plugs or a fancy backing plate,this boat has some pretty stout bulwarks ,seems like it would save on the deck leak problems? Also think of using aluminium instead of stainless to make the fabrication a little easier, If anybody went this route I like to no if it was successful

sailmasterus 01-31-2001 02:00 PM

lifeline stanchions
Sorry, I''ve not done this before, but if you''re planning on replacing your stanchions, I might be interested in the old ones. What size boat do you have?

paulk 02-01-2001 05:26 PM

lifeline stanchions
I''m not an engineer, but aluminum stanchions might have to be pretty hefty to do what the steel ones are supposed to do. Havn''t heard of fiberglass stanchions for perhaps the same reason.

munchimike 02-02-2001 02:01 PM

lifeline stanchions
Hi, if you''re going to go to that much trouble why dont you mount them to the deck as well as the bulwarks, keep the stainless and do the job right so that it doesn''t leak??????????????or instead of going to that much trouble to install a hazard, just leave those pesky little suckers near the dumpster and see how long they lastAnd in lieu of aluminum check out that new material they''re making front wheels for bicycles out of, y''know the stuff?....when they fall and twist up the wheel they just get down on the street and put the wheel between their legs and twist it back to true. So when someone does fall over board, or puts any weight at all on your new clever stanchion installation, and bends it all out of shape you can impress everyone with the ease of re-straightening......something the Stainless tube industry will be horrified to see!!!!

BruceClark 02-03-2001 12:46 PM

lifeline stanchions
A recent issue of Practical Sailor investigated the issue of stanchions.You might want to look at it for ideas.I think that there are some stanchions that are solid aluminum. There are also stanchions that have a fibreglas core to add strength.

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