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ffiill 10-18-2010 01:42 PM

Boarding ladder- is it any good?
Is your boarding ladder fit for purpose?
I normally use one of those blow up fender type steps for getting aboard from my dingy along side.
However I also have a nice stainless ladder which drops down over the stern-my boat has both a high freeboard and canoe stern.Always assumed that if either I went for a swim or just plain fell over the side I would be able to reboard using the ladder.
Several weeks ago whilst on the hard I put it over the side whilst I did some varnishing.Forgetting I had left it down I was ready to leave the boat but realising it was down and thought that it was just what an opportunist thief needed.
Not to worry as there was no way I could get onto the ladder with my chest at what would be waterline as the rungs did not drop deep enough.
I have now added several extra rungs and will possibly add a couple of foot loops which will double as a means of pulling the ladder down if I ever fall in whilst ladder is secured folded up agaist safety rail.:)

sailingdog 10-18-2010 02:04 PM

My boarding ladder works fine in the water, but we almost never need it for getting aboard from a dinghy. The ama decks are low enough that you can just step aboard easily.

jackdale 10-18-2010 02:34 PM

In Canada, a reboarding device is required safety equipment, if the freeboard exceeds .5 meters. A swim ladder counts.

remetau 10-18-2010 02:36 PM

Ours is a custom made teak ladder that we only deploy when swimming. We also have a canoe stern, but our freeboard isn't too high to climb out of a dinghy without the ladder.

IslanderGuy 10-18-2010 03:10 PM

Also, take into account the fact that you will get a bit of a boost at the bottom of the ladder due to your buoyancy in the water. The height I have to bring my feet up to get on the bottom rung of the ladder would make it very hard on dry ground, but in the water it is not to bad as I weight a little less for the bottom part of the boost up onto the step. Not the greatest, but easily do-able.

QuickMick 10-18-2010 03:21 PM

ive made two, one of these:

How to tie rope ladders with animated knot tying help | Wonder How To

and one of these:

How to Make Knots for a Rope Ladder: Knots & Knot-Tying Instructions |

Can I Make a Rope Ladder Using Constrictor Knots? |

i prefer using the second, while they are both easy to stow the first is obviously more collapseable

SVAuspicious 10-18-2010 03:42 PM

My stern ladder has two rungs under water that make getting on board straight-forward. I can also pull up behind the boat in my truck while on the hard (this week for bottom paint) and step from the truck bed to the ladder to get on the truck - no concerns about a step ladder going walk-about.

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