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arf145 11-17-2010 03:58 PM

Another Sensibulb Caution?
I recently purchased two of the new single-LED Sensibulbs to replace my most used cabin lights, the overheads on either side of the mast support pole. I chose Sensibulbs for their light quality and their stated no radio frequency interference. The area of these two overheads is right around where the VHF antenna coax comes out of the mast--in fact the power wires run alongside the antenna cable--so I wanted no interference there.

What I've got is a lot of interference. I installed one light, turned it on, great light output, turned on the radio, nothing but static. Turned off the light, VHF loud and clear. Bummer.

I emailed SCAD about this, wondering if I have a bad unit, but they said "Apparently the noise occurs in certain conditions" though he said they only have reports of the unit "quieting FM radio". He didn't mention VHF.
So, anyone else have this problem? Or am I expecting too much given the layout? I'm going to try a clamp-on ferrite core when I next get to the boat and see if that helps.

arf145 11-20-2010 01:13 PM

So, no one else has run into radio interference from the Sensibulb?

Anyway, I put a couple of ferrite cores around the supply wires right at the fixture, and that eliminated the interference. Makes me a bit nervous about replacing my anchor light fixture though.

eherlihy 11-20-2010 01:22 PM

I installed one Sensibulb about a week ago in a Perko lamp my main cabin as an experiment. Unfortunately, it is that time of year when the boats are hauled, so I have not been able to test it for interference.

However, I was a little disappointed to notice that the light from the bulb is noticeably bluer in hue than my incandescents.

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