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SanDiegoChip 02-08-2011 01:39 PM

Mermaid AC - any experiance

OK we realize a lot of people are freezing and this may not be the best time however…

We are looking for some reviews on the Mermaid AC.

Has anyone had any experience with the Mermaid AC unites?

Yes there are lot of punch line here for Mermaids :D

We have a 36’ Islander Freeport sail boat and are looking to install two unites. I think we need about 16,000 btu to cool the whole boat in the south of Mexico in the summer.

We have space considerations and do not want either of the AC unites installed in the stateroom.

So the first unite is the Mermaid (M5: 5,200 BTU System) 5,200 btu’s. It has a small foot print and will fit in our tight space. This will also give us the ability to run this off our Honda 2000 genset or we can run it dockside on 110 or even our inverter.

I have heard that the Mermaids are noisy. Is this true? I mean compared to say a Climma, KingAir, MarineAir or Dometic.

The second unite would probably be the Mermaid (M12: 12,000 BTU System) 12,000 btu unite. We could possibly go with the 9000 btu unite but either way it will not be an issue as much.

The noise lever is the main concern here I think. We do have more space in for installing this unite. With bothe unites running at the same time it could sound like we are on a jet plane or worse!

It could be a another manufacturer but we would rather not complicate it with different manufacturers.

We have looked at many options and were trying for one unite but just do not have the space for it.

The two unite solution also solves the at anchor problem. I know there are 12v unites out there also but at a slip we could use both unites on 110 this way which we could cool the whole boat not using the batteries.

Is it true that Mermaid parts are easy to come by in Central America?

Is the Mermaid nosier than most other brands of marine AC unites?

They are attractive in both price and size, and it seems they are popular.
I have searched the forums here but have not come across any reviews of the unites or the Mermaid in particular.

Other suggestions for brands beside just using fans or window AC or flapping Mermaid tails :)
Thank you,

sailingdog 02-08-2011 02:33 PM

I've used the Mermaid and it works quite well. However, I'd point out that the stock raw water heat exchanger pump, the Teel, is a lousy piece of kit. You're much better off going with one of the upgraded pumps, but not buying it from Mermaid, since they charge a premium for it.

The Teel pump:

You're much better off with a higher spec, more durable March pump, like this one:

Tim R. 02-08-2011 02:35 PM

We have two Mermaid units on our 1997 Caliber 40lrc. One in the aft cabin to cool/heat that and the Nav station and one in the salon to cool/heat the salon. We bought the boat in 8/2010 and it came with these units. We used the AC a couple of times but used the heat extensively from October to almost Christmas while living aboard. We now heat with a Hurrican H2 hydronic heater I installed.

The majority of the noise is from the fan units. It never kept us up at night and we didn't have to turn up the stereo or TV when it came on. I spoke to Mermaid about some duct parts and they were very helpful and friendly.

That is about all I can tell you.

Tim R. 02-08-2011 02:36 PM

Thanks for the tip Dog. I will have to check to see which pump I have. I think the one pump feeds both units.

I use a March pump for my hydronic heater.

SanDiegoChip 04-26-2011 01:51 PM

Mermaid unites
We finally decide on a system for our boat. Today we ordered our two Mermaid unites. We ordered direct from Mermaid.

One 12,000 btu
One 52,000 btu

and two digital thermostats

We did not order the install kits as we will make our own up. Will go with a better pump also.

Let you know how it goes although will probably not install for a month or two.
12,000 btu
5,200 btu
s/v Elegant'sea IF36-B #29

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