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vadimgo 02-15-2011 11:54 AM

Interior paint colour choice
Since I do not trust my own judgement, I would like to ask for an advice on the matter, or, to use the public opinion judgement.
I am right now deciding on the colour on the interiour on 70-s design, 23 ft. fiberglass boat, minimum trim varnished semigloss.
Of course, basic white is always the easiest, but why not add some character with the colour?

sailingdog 02-15-2011 12:25 PM

Avocado's a 1970's design, right? :laugher

Tim R. 02-15-2011 12:31 PM

There is a reason why so many boats are finished in basic white. It lightens the interior by reflecting light.

Otherwise, avacado green is good!

IslanderGuy 02-15-2011 12:47 PM

I think other colors could be nice, but I agree that the brightness of white is a huge benefit. As long as the color is more of a slight tint, I think you could add some nice color and character while still keeping it light and bright feeling. Dark colors would not be very good in my opinion. I will be doing some interior painting soon, now you've got me thinking....

QuickMick 02-15-2011 12:49 PM

funny you mention that... im repainting the head and opted for yellow (for that area only) to brighten it up a bit given there is only one porthole in there.

vadimgo 02-15-2011 12:55 PM

if I stick with the interlux brightside, avocado green is not an option.:confused:
I still believe, most boats are white because of the cost vs. impact for the builders. In my case, I will be painting anyway, so, can make it nicer and bright at the same time (or, ugly and cavelike with the same probability)

jaschrumpf 02-15-2011 01:05 PM

If your interior is fiberglass like mine was, you can consider this: I used an oil-based exterior primer specifically for its ability to adhere to fiberglass. Afterward I used a good exterior latex in an off-white for the top coats. I got all the paint at Home Depot, because I figured the environment inside my boat is the same as a house right on the beach, and those were good paints for that environment.

I would have used an oil-based exterior paint, but Home Depot was out of the only brand of that they carry, and the paint guy assured me that latex over oil was perfectly fine (he showed me on the can where it said so, too), so I went with the exterior latex.

Looks great and I'm very happy with it.

QuickMick 02-15-2011 01:17 PM

you can use a plastic primer:

then use whatever you want, i just opted to go straight for the 'plastic paint'

Krylon: Products: Fusion for PlasticŪ

Royal Blue Spray Paint by Valspar Corp - 400.0012009.076 - More Spray paint at

works well, but you have to mind the drips... i just hit em with a little sandpaper and recoat. they do make an attachment for the can that supposedly helps cut down on over coating on the 'turn-around' if you will, but i didnt pony up the four bucks to try it.

Air Spray Guns - Paint Sprayers - Ace Hardware

edit:i did get a small roller to attempt to help application, and would not reccomend that at all (for spray), it tended to leave a 'dimpled' look--which may have resulted from the nature of the paint. that plastic paint almost seems to have cotton candy-ish fibers in it.

vadimgo 02-15-2011 01:30 PM

fiberglass application is my concern. Interlux primer supposedly was formulated for this. I was to Homedepot yesterday. Could not find the primer that says on the can "promotes adhesion to gelcoat/fiberglass".
I am not planning to keep the boat forever nor intent to sell her for profit. I would gladly go for the colour variety of house paint, if only I could be assured that it will hold on reasonably well for like 3-4 years.

omaho5 02-15-2011 02:23 PM

Ah, this is right down my ally. Retired painting contractor.
Lime green is only appropriate for your 70's leisure suit not your boat
unless you wear the suit on your boat.
That said here is what I'd do
1. Lightly, did I say lightly, sand areas to be painted. Did I say lightly ? Tack cloth area.
2. Appropriate primer..I have my favorites...Make sure it is a "bonding primer."
3. For interior I would choose a 100% acylic EXTERIOR paint of your gloss
choice. Do at least two coats, roll and tip.. Roller to be a quality foam.
4. VERY lightly sand first, VERY lightly, coat. Tack cloth and apply sacond
5. Email me if you need more... No idea where to obtain eisure suit.

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