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cghubbell 05-02-2011 11:12 AM

VC-17 time window to launch
Does anyone know the window of time you need to launch a boat in after painting with VC-17? I scoured the product data sheet from Interlux, but can't find whether or it matters.


puddinlegs 05-02-2011 11:21 AM

It should be in the little paper instructions that come with, or printed on the can. It's quick... conservatively, I think it's something like 1 hour, but probably quicker.

(25-30minutes is what I remember, but I'm not certain.)

cghubbell 05-02-2011 01:45 PM

When in doubt, as the vendor!
Not sure why I didn't do this sooner, but I sent an email to Interlux asking them... Here's the reply:

"You have 60 days out of the water in which you will then want to submerge the VC 17. Otherwise it could oxidize and lose its antifouling properties and need to be recoated.

You will not want to hot coat the VC 17 over the last coat of Interprotect 2000E. With Vinyl type products like VC 17, you will want to wait 24 hours and scuff sand the last coat with 180-220 grit sand paper. Clean and then apply. "

This may be the only recorded authoritative answer to this question anywhere on the Internet :D Hope it will help someone else down the road...


thehardaground 05-02-2011 06:31 PM

Once, way, way back in the day (early 90's) I did my bottom paint job in the fall when the boat came out of the water with VC 17. Honestly I can`t remeber why, but I did it, let it sit in the cold for 6 months and then launched. No noticable difference during that season in antifouling characteristics.

Gary M 05-03-2011 10:23 PM

I would guess that in a fresh water area sitting over the winter would not be an issue, have probably done that. In salt prone areas probably not a good idea. As for short term we tend to paint under the pads after the boat is lifted for launch but some times you can see some of it wash off. 15-30 minutes should be quite enough dry time.

DonScribner 05-04-2011 06:48 PM

How fast is the sling moving? I believe VC-17 dries in a matter of minutes.

Gary M 05-04-2011 09:43 PM

Yep it dries quickly but when we launch you get to paint under your pads just a couple of minutes before she hits the water.
Got all of mine done tonight so will not have to do them Saturday morning during launch. :)

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