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Sea Gypsy 07-13-2003 07:32 AM

Roller furling use
I have a 1983 30''Cat hull 3358. It came standard with a roller furling. Can anyone tell me who the manufacturer would be? It''s a single continuous line.

The line pulled out of the furling and wouldn''t operate. We put it back in the channel and tightened the black stoppers. It worked for about 1/8 of the jib then stopped. Now the entire furling unit wants to move instead of rolling it out. I''m not sure if the problem is the unit or the operator

This is my first time with a furling so I''m not real sure how this is supposed to work and I''m not sure it''s working in either case. Can anyone provide some real basic knowledge on how to use the continuous line furling and what it should be doing.

Sailmc 07-14-2003 04:07 AM

Roller furling use
A little better description of the furler would be helpful but if it has a continous line that is ineffect endless your furlere is probably a Hood LD.

knothead 07-14-2003 08:09 AM

Roller furling use
As the previous writer said you probably have a Hood LD 710, 810, or 910. If you have a digital camera, take a photo and email it to me at and I can probably ID it for you. Knowing what system you have will help to figure out what the problem is.
The main thing is DON''T FORCE IT until you find out why it''s not working. Usually the problem is halyard wrap but it could be that you don''t have the system secured down to the old tack shackle. Also I don''t know what you are refering to when you mentioned the black stoppers.

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