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hamiam 07-21-2003 12:25 PM

Bent Pulpit
Over the weekend someone hit me and put a major bend into my bow pulpit. Its pretty thick tubing but does anyone know if it can be bent back into place. Saving that, does anyone know of a stainless fabricator in the Newport, RI area? Thanks for the help.



sailingfool 07-22-2003 01:42 PM

Bent Pulpit
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We replaced a bent stern rail last year. Stainless tubing and welds don''t straigthen very well or cleanly.

Find a local fabricator and get a quote on a reapir/replacement - unless you''re lucky he will say it cheaper to build a replacement from scratch.

Then see if you can find a source for replacement pulpits for your model boat, which may be cheaper than custom fabrication.

If you buy a replacement, don''t count on the fit being exact, you may need a yard /fabricator to tweak the replacement to fit properly.

Hopefully you got or can get the insurance info from the other party, as this repair will probably cost 4 times as much as your wildest guess.

petercra 07-22-2003 04:13 PM

Bent Pulpit
I used Fraser Custom Welding in Marblehead, MA to bend a bow pulpit back into position last year. He also welded on a new foot onto the pulpit that was bent beyond repair. The damage had come from a boat hitting me and riding up over the lifelines, thus bending the pulpit backwards. If the tubing itself is kinked I suspect it wouldn''t be feasible to repair.

BertV 07-23-2003 06:35 AM

Bent Pulpit
I''ve had the same problem with my pulpit. Previous owner was lowering the mast on the 30 ft boat and dropped it the last few feet. The front end of the pulpit was bent down about 30 degrees, the vertical parts were undamaged. The fabricator cut the pulpit at the bends, sleaved in a short replacement and welded it back together. I did all the grinding, filing, sanding and buffing. It looks pretty good, not boat show perfect, but certainly good enough for inspection at 10 ft. As I also fly a spinnaker and the pole rests right on where the welds are when I''m setting up, I wrapped that part of the pulpit in 1/4 in dacron line for a about a foot (use double sided carpet tape to ensure it doesn''t unwind). I color co-ordinated the red and green as a reminder to myself. Now the pole rests on the lne and doesn''t slide off while I''m setting up the spinnaker sheets and guys. Looks good to. It only cost about $100.00.

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