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old5town 08-25-2000 03:27 PM

Welcome to Outfitting
I''m about to install a Depth meter on my Macgregor 26. The instructions indicate that it is to be install within 10 degree’s of horizontal but there doesn''t seem to be a place on the hull that meets that criteria. It also say that it should be forward of the keel, which might interfere with the trailer loading. It is a through hull design Looking for some ideas, what works for you?

sedavis 08-25-2000 08:03 PM

Welcome to Outfitting
I Have a Balboa 20 that came with one instaled just behind the swing keel. The unit inside was not working but I intend to replace it and use the same mounting location. the previous owner seemed to know what he was doing judging by other things on the boat.

bereancal 08-26-2000 05:38 AM

Welcome to Outfitting
Has anyone used Aurora Sure Step? If so does it do a good job and does it last? Is it easy to use? What other ways do you have to maintain the deck on your boat without making it slippery?

matt35 08-28-2000 02:51 PM

Welcome to Outfitting
Does any one know if the GibSea 472 is equiped with a DC to AC inverter as standard equipment?

messageboard 08-29-2000 12:04 PM

Welcome to Outfitting
Welcome to the SailNet Outfitting Message Board where you''ll find hands-on tips on boat maintenance, repair, and equipment. Here you can query other sailors by starting a new topic or responding to a current discussion, or search the contents of the Message Boards for items of interest. If you have any questions or suggestions contact us at


ChesapeakeBay 08-30-2000 08:01 PM

Welcome to Outfitting
Yes, I purchased some and did a test area. I wouldn''t say it dramtically improved traction but there was no less traction either. Does bead up when wet so dirt tends to hose off more easily. Kinda pricey for what you get but it is a one of a kind!

curtis 08-31-2000 03:02 PM

Welcome to Outfitting
To mount a depth finder vertically on the hull, find the most accessible location you can forward of the keel and after pulling the boat, use a hole saw to drill your hole. Measure with a protractor the angle of the hull, immediately both for and aft of the hole. Prepare a mounting block from a large piece of mahogony (available from custom woodworking supply houses or a local boat yard) by first drilling it for your sender then cutting horizontally across it to match the hull''s angle at the mount point. Don''t worry if you''re off a little. Keep the top piece, as it is a mirror to the inside hull. Use 3M 4200 or 5200 (if you never intend to remove it) for mounting.


cherev 09-06-2000 04:57 PM

Welcome to Outfitting
Scanario: 1973 41''Morgan / 30hp Westerbeke.
On the transfer case is an oil to saltwater heat-exchanger. I''m thinking of replacing it with a truck-style oil radiator and an engine-room blower.

Is this a practical idea?

andrea 09-09-2000 10:21 AM

Welcome to Outfitting
Looking for air condition for sail-boat.
Where I can find it?

TMazur 09-14-2000 11:28 AM

Welcome to Outfitting
I have just purchased a Moody 34 with well maintained standard equipment for a weekender, i.e., not set up for extended crusing. Moving up from a 21''er, I''m not sure just where to start to set up for an extended singlehanded cruse. Generator? wind?,solar?,diesel?,Inverter?,Refrigerator? Radar? Chartplotter?

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