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z1nonlyone 08-20-2003 06:25 AM

Boom Vang
Hello, I am considering adding a rigid vang to the boom of my boat. The boat has a 13'' boom and its made from .125 thick aluminum extruded into a obround measuring 3 x 5. I will be able to mount the vang approx. 25-30% down the lenght of the boom from the gooseneck and still maintain a 35-45 degree angle from the mast. I have a 250 sq. foot sail. My question is whether or not my boom can handle the stresses of the rigid vang? Any thoughts on this?



Sailmc 08-20-2003 10:24 AM

Boom Vang
Why would you expect more stress from a rigid vang than from a regular line and block vang? Call Garhauer Marine. They make strong well engineered vangs for a good price.

z1nonlyone 08-20-2003 06:25 PM

Boom Vang
Hi Sailmc,

I don''t nesessarily expect any more stresses or loads just because I am considering a rigid vang instead of a traditional, all line, vang. Its just that the boat was not initially designed for any kind of vang and therefore I would rather find out now that the boom is not strong enough than find out in a blow at sea. However, I do feel that a rigid vang, even though it telescopes, will not be as forgiving as a all line vang. A rigid vang will push and pull etc... The garhauer is the brand that I am considering.



RichH 08-20-2003 07:56 PM

Boom Vang
A vang system whether ''rigid'' or ''rope & tackle'' will see the SAME exact loads - as a reaction force.
A rigid vang has essentially the same pulley system as a rope & tackle system; therefore, is able to react essentially the same to any shock/impact loads imparted to it (to raise the boom - you''d have to sailing with the mast in the water, keel skywards to realize any other stress handling differences).
The only mechanical difference is that a solid/rigid vang wont ''collapse'' or ''go slack'' when loads are removed.
I LOVE my garhauer rigid vang!

z1nonlyone 08-21-2003 07:55 AM

Boom Vang
Hi RichH,

Glad to hear that you love your Garhauer vang! Maybe you could answer another question I have? The reason that I am putting a vang on in the first place is to be able to adjust sail shape, of course, and to eliminate the topping lift. Not having a vang currently, when I am sailing off the wind, the boom rises and the sails bag and rub against the shrouds. Also, my boat has much weather helm when sailing on a reach and broad reach and I am hoping to reduce the amount of weather helm by flattening the sail and thereby catching less wind. I don''t expect the vang to be a cure all however. Reefing to reduce sail area would be more effective I am sure. How has your vang improved the sailing on your boat?


RichH 08-21-2003 08:51 AM

Boom Vang
Any vang system will prevent boom rise and resultant ''bagging'' and undue twisting off/flow separation at the head of the sail, etc. For ''heavy downwind'' conditions I still use a preventer - dont make the lazy mistake of substituing a good preventer, etc. with a rigid vang.
To my mind a rigid vang outperforms a tackle vang/topping lift when there is need to overcome the mass of a heavy boom pulling down on the leach such as in light air conditions when you need to lift the boom to add a bit of twist, etc. and in those conditions where the boat is deep in a wave trough and the main is perioidically shadowed by huge waves. On most boats (unfortunately) the topping lift is usually led to the mast base, and because its inconvenient (or too dangerous) to keep running back and forth to adjust, one simply doesnt adjust the topping lift in changing conditions. Im not one who reefs as I should; but, prefer to flatten and blade-out the sails when necessary (especially when driving into heavy chop, etc.) ... a rigid vang really helps as its usually so easily controlled from the cockpit. Another reason for my choice of a rigid vang is simplicity of control ... the rigid vand combines the actions of a tackle vang and the topping lift into one package - less rope ''salad'', faster adjustment, less work, ... hence safer etc. Nevertheless, on my boat I still use a boom gallows and I have to fully unload the rigid vang to do so.

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