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Crip 08-27-2003 06:01 PM

Fitting a hatch in a cambered deck
I have a 12" Lewmar hatch that I want to fit in the cabin roof. Trouble is there is a pronounced camber. You can see the area in question here:

I obviously need to build up a flat surface for the hatch to sit on, but am wondering about how to go about this.

Any advise would be apreciated.


GordMay 08-28-2003 01:46 AM

Fitting a hatch in a cambered deck
You''re link to photo'' didn''t show up.
You can cast an epoxy levelling shim, upon which to install your hatch.
You''ll have to fashion a dam, which fits the deck camber (base) and has a flat & level top surface.
Mark out an area larger than the hatch frame, and prepare the deck surface for bonding.
Build a thin wood frame, the inside of which fits the outside of your required shim, and lay on deck . Do it again for the inside (shim) measurement.(They will sit on the crown, and above the valley)
In-fill the valley areas with a pliable putty, like "plumber''s wax".
Cast the epoxy shim, within the two frames.

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