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Myblueheaven 09-07-2003 04:37 PM

Satalite TV on your boat???
Can you really get a good reception while on the hook ot mooring with a satalite tv system? If so, how do you do it... any tricks or issues I need to know? Also, what is the cost for the monthly access? Is it like DirecTV or Dish Network?

Lastly, are there low draw systems like 12 volt for sale?

Jeffamc 09-07-2003 09:27 PM

Satalite TV on your boat???
argh, people were yelling at me for wanting to have drugs onboard while cruising, but no one yells at you for wanting satalite tv. grr

jbanta 09-07-2003 10:03 PM

Satalite TV on your boat???
Is Tv illeagel now? That was a law that got by me.. If a man can''t live without his tv so be it. I have enough nature show at night to keep me very intertained I still say you are nuts if you do drugs on your boat especially if you leave US waters.

PBzeer 09-08-2003 03:00 AM

Satalite TV on your boat???

Let''s see....drugs, drop out of school, live on a boat. Not to put too fine a point on it, but.....seems like all you really want to do is escape growing up, IMHO.

Stede 09-08-2003 03:01 AM

Satalite TV on your boat???
Yeah, I have to admit, I struggled a little on buying the flat plasma screen and portable DVD to put on the boat.My excuse for doing so was that I thought maybe it would intice my teen-age daughter to go sailing with me more.It didn''t work.To be totally honest though,I just love electronic gadgets.There! I''ve said it.Strangely, I feel...well kind of elevated.I was in electronics heaven installing my Autopilot,and GPS chartplotter on my boat.Tying everything together so that they would talk with the depth sounder,etc.was a real "high" for me.(I need therapy!)I had a blast setting the TV,DVD system up.I bought a fold out bracket for the flat panel tv that''s mounted on the overhead of my quarterberth.The tv slides out and down when I want to use it,then folds back up conveniently out of the way when not needed.The DVD player is smaller than a shoe box.I have two small speakers that are amplified by batteries that I''ve set up in the cabin to give kind of a "surround sound" effect. I don''t use the system very often though.Usually when I''m relaxing at anchor I read,work on stuff,or play chess if I have company.The DVD does come in handy on rainy nights to play my copy of "Treasure Island"(original Walt Disney version),or some of my other nautical favorites. Now if I can just figure out how to remove part of the bulkhead and get a jacuzzi in the cabin?? ;^)

GordMay 09-08-2003 03:30 AM

Satalite TV on your boat???
Off-topic, I know; but this thread reminded me of a minor pleasure Maggie & I enjoyed whilst cruising the Exumas aboard “Southbound”.
Ofttimes, someone would ask (Ch 16) if anyone was interested in hearing an “Audio Book” to be broadcast on channel 68 at a certain time (usually 7:00 - 8:00PM). Receiving several positive responses, they’d play about an hour of audio, then continue the following night, etc.
We enjoyed many a fine storey (book) this way, and tender our heartfelt thanks to those that provided this entertainment to the entire anchorage(s). Ain’t technology grand!
I know that this was an ''improper'' use of VHF, but I don''t think it was ''inappropriate'' at that time & place.

Stede 09-08-2003 06:49 AM

Satalite TV on your boat???
After acknowledging my “love of electronic gadgets” here this morning, I had hoped that there would be others that would step forward and admit that they too, share the affliction. Professionals say that the first step in recovery is the acknowledgement of the dependency. Don’t worry my brethren, there are others amongst you. I know first hand the frustration you feel when your wife,husband,significant other, or crew member tells you “that what-you-ma-call-it is beeping in the cockpit.” Or “that thing of ma jigs screen has gone blank.” I know the cruel humiliation you endure when you try to unsuccessfully demonstrate the advanced features of an electronic device to others, only to have the device mock, and torment you. Has your audience read the 200 page manual for the device? I don''t think so!Sure, they might know some basic function keys you’ve shown them, but they are eons away from your superior knowledge and understanding of the device. In your moment of defeat,all you can offer your audience in an effort to save face is a pitiful “well, it was working fine awhile ago; I don’t understand what’s wrong with it.” To add to the degredation, your audience responds with “that’s o.k.., I’m sure it works fine, maybe there’s just a loose wire or something?” The electronic device knows that you’ll come back to it no matter how it ridicules you. It knows that you’ve become dependant on it, and how you feel you must master it. It teases and taunts you by working fine when no one else is around to witness its advanced features. Yes, my brethren. I’ve seen you hurriedly scurrying down the docks with your new electronic device under your arm. The scowls you give when others ask “what’s that you’ve got,” and “can I take a look at it?” Once the devise is installed on the boat and working properly, you can’t wait to show off your new trophy. But alas, this is when the battle begins to prove who the Master really is.Oh,my brothers and sisters. Step out into the light. There is strength in numbers. You are not alone!

mcain 09-08-2003 08:27 AM

Satalite TV on your boat???
Hey, Stede, where did you get the foldaway bracket for the TV?
I have done much the same thing. I have a combo DVD/CD player, with Dolby 5.1, 6 speakers (including subwoofer), VHS tape unit, 18" Flat screen TV monitor (with a slide-out shelf that I custom made--hence my question on your bracket). And amplified broadcast antenna at top of mast.
Also the standard array of radar, ham radio, full instruments, including repeater at nav station. Laptop with G3 cell internet access and HF email access via Pactor modem. And Iridium sat phone. And security system and microwave. And charting systems.

But my crowning glory is that the refrig and freezer are wired with temp sensors and compressor-on sensors, which provide continuous readings over my BOA (Boat area network) to the laptop. Could also be read via internet, in theory, in case I want to know my boat refrig temp from home. With a software package to graph and log the results. This was the last straw--that sent my wife over the edge. She has gone along with everything else, but as I was setting the IP address in the temp sensor device--she accused me of being an engineer (guilty!). Kinda reminds me of my boat neighbor who says that boating is all about getting away from it all, not taking it all with you.

Stede 09-08-2003 10:05 AM

Satalite TV on your boat???

I have to tell you my brother in technology,I''m impressed! How could any first mate not understand the need to monitor your boats frig.temp.from at home,via the net? It sounds like you are an ideal candidate for my new seminar "Hooked on Tronics." ;^) I''m sure it will be held at a locale close to you real soon. About the tv bracket. Never let it be said that ole Stede isn''t willing to contribute to the insanity. You can find the bracket you seek my brother"In-Tron" at:

I''m working on installing a frig.system on my boat. I''ll keep your system in mind. I will report back in once I can monitor my frig.''s temp.via my cell phone. Happy systems to you!

DonFoley 09-08-2003 11:23 AM

Satalite TV on your boat???
After being out in the elements all day long, dropping the hook, cooking dinner and enjoying the sunset, we watch a movie. It''s a ritual my crew (11 and 12) loves and we''ve done it for years. We have a 12 inch TV for the VCR, but we''ve almost entirely gone to watching DVDs on the laptop. The speaker jack is plugged into our sound system for surround sound.

One of the coolest things is the release of old series on DVDs. We just bought season 4 of Deep Space Nine. That''ll give us about a months viewing.

Who cares if you''re a purist or not. Don''t like TV, don''t watch. We also listen to books and read books, hardly a "traditional" media, but who cares.

If you want to camp out, have a good time. But we''ll enjoy our popcorn (microwaved!) and movie regardless.

We don''t have a "Dish" yet, but our next cruise will be a year solid, so we''ll explore it soon.

Also, the cruiser "toy of the moment" for us is the Apple iPod, we''ve got our whole CD collection (couple hundred) in this little thing and still room for a lot more. We plug it into the same "CD" input in our stereo for whole-boat music. Sounds great and it''s perfect for audio books and audio subscriptions.

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