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patc 02-21-2001 06:42 AM

propshaft removal
i need to remove the prop shaft on my 1976 catalina 30 so i can install a new cutlass bearing. im not shure how to do it. is this a big job? is there any tricks that will help me? any information would be most helpful.thanks and happy sailing.

walt123 02-21-2001 07:40 AM

propshaft removal
Yes it usually a hard job because of the confined area you are working in, the shaft usually needs to be uncoupled from the is usually attached through a seperate coupling which is then attached to the transmission. Set screws or some type of mechanical tightening must be loosened so the shaft can be pulled out of the coupler. The stuffing box should be as loose as possible at the packing nut and you will have to insure that the shaft will cleal the rudder when it is being pulled out. Since this job is done on the hard and I assume that you adoing it at a do it youself yard check out other boats that are replacing their stern bearing before you haul and do yours.

Denr 03-01-2001 04:35 AM

propshaft removal
A tool is made that allows cutlass bearing to be removed without the need to pull the prop shaft. You must however remove the prop when using the tool, obviously. The boat yard used this tool to replace my bearing 2 years ago, I suggest you bite the anode and pay someone to do it with this slick tool. Mine cost about $100 for the 1.000" shaft.

walt123 03-01-2001 08:32 AM

propshaft removal
Most excellent!

walt123 03-03-2001 07:39 PM

propshaft removal
Denr, do you know the name of the company and address that makes the bearing removal tool?
thanks Walt

loki 03-10-2001 02:37 PM

propshaft removal
I did my bearing a couple of years ago. The procedure is straight foreward. The problem is that nothing goes to plan, bolts stick and break, fittings will not come free, and you need to be a double jointed midget to do some of the interior work at the back of the engine. If you can get it done for $100 with the special tool it would be a bargin

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