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pravel 09-23-2003 04:12 AM

Raytheon ST1000 Autotiller repair

I have a Raytheon ST1000 Autotiller that came with my Pearson 30 5 years ago. It was the first thing that required maintenance (that is a long list and I am making significant progress ;)) I rebuilt it with metal gears provided by Raymarine. It has been working very well and has become a reliable if sometimes cantancerous crewmember when short handed.

A week ago last Friday I was out in the remnants of Henri and a wave drenched the autotiller. I really didn''t need it out, but it was out mainly from habit.

It shorted something out and probably needs to have the PC board replaced. Raymarine said they don''t have any spare parts for the unit and offered a $44 exchange (less shipping) on a new or remanufactured ST1000+. What I would really like to do is repair it to keep as a backup and buy an ST2000+.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any spares or electronics repair facilities who can fix it.

I wonder if anyone knows of somone who can fix this unit. I really don''t want to throw it out as it has so many components that are good in comparison with the PC board which is a small component.

BTW, it was interesting to learn that a PC Board, installed, on an ST1000+ would cost just $150.00. Seems to me that Raytheon is not doing us much of a service to decide a perfectly good product is obsolete and then discontinue any support on it at all. IMHO, the landfills will be full of good, but "obsolete" stuff with that approach to technical progress.

Regards, Jim Pravel
1973 P30 SamaSama
Chesapeake Bay

jbanta 09-23-2003 02:06 PM

Raytheon ST1000 Autotiller repair

I had the same problem when I had a 1000. I had it repaired twice and then decided to bag it and get the 2000. It really made a differance. Since I single hand most of the time a dependable "firstmate" is almost a necessity. I would abandon ideas for keeping the 100 and step up to the 2000. You will have ALOT less trouble

pravel 09-28-2003 02:36 PM

Raytheon ST1000 Autotiller repair

Thanks for your feedback.

I too singlehand most of the time and I feel like my most reliable crew has taken a vacation. My dog is the friendliest crew though ;).

After my post I did locate a person who is among the 5 at Raymarine (Raytheon) who repair auto tillers. He promised to canibalize if necessary from other boards to get my ST1000 working so I can keep it as a backup. Meantime, I plan to get the st2000+ for primary use.

Fair winds, Jim Pravel
1973 Pearson 30 #364
Chesapeake Bay

jbanta 09-28-2003 05:14 PM

Raytheon ST1000 Autotiller repair

Foir a 30'' boat I think you are wise to step up to the 2000.I do like the Autohelms better than others I have delt with on friends boats. Just the feel of my 2000 makes the others makers seem kinda flimsy. Here is hoping you don''t need to use the 1000 again.

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