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flicker 10-04-2003 06:27 PM

Integrated Radar/GPS/Plotter
I''m thinking of purchasing and installing an integrated Radar/GPS/Plotter.

First, is it even a good idea to buy a system that is integrated, with all the components of the same vintage and by the same company, or does this make each component too specific to easily replace if one should go bad? Or is it better, somehow, to have dissimilar units that sort of stand on there own?

Second, what attributes would a good system have?

Third, what all must I purchase as part of this system? For example, in order to install radar, you need the antenna, radome, cable, electrical cable(?), mount, and anything else?

Finally, how much would a good system cost?


tsenator 10-05-2003 07:48 AM

Integrated Radar/GPS/Plotter
I have the Raytheon RL70CRC (Radar/Color Chartploter). I am very happy with it.

With this setup You would need GPS antenna (your choice but most people get the WAAS capable) The Radar Chartplotter, a radome (your choise but most coastal cruiser get the 2kw radome) and of course a mount for everything If you order these 3 things you have a pretty complete system (it comes with most cabling except 12Vdc wire). But what I like is you can add to it. You can easily hook up all your raytheon instruments to it via the raytheon "Seatalk" (3 wire interface). I have my wind, speed, depth autopilot attached. This way I can steer the boat to a way-point or monitor any other instrument from the radar/chartplotter.

This setup will do split screen radar/chartplotter, but it will also do Radar and overlay it on the chartplotter. But beware it will only be close overlay they really want you to install a pricey gyroscopic compass that keeps the chartplotter/gps locked in a closer sync.

Pricing varies Best thing to do is go to Westmarine & defender websites. On sale I think $200 for GPS antenna, $850 for 2kw Radome and about $2200 for SL70CRC (you probably don''t need to get the RL70CRC which only allows the capability for a remote radar/chartplotter station....costs $700 more and most people don''t use it). Mounting vary''s from low end of a few hundred dollars to about a $1000 for a nice self leveling mount.

yes this is expoensive and you might find a cheaper alternative (Monochrome and not color), but I once you see and use a Color monitor, you''ll never want to use a monochrome, its much, much easier to quickly and easily see the charts and radar....its worthe the extra money

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