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dgililov 02-08-2012 05:30 PM

Replacing primary (Racor) and secondary filter on Yanmar 1GM10 diesel
it's low season in bay area, CA, so it's time to get some engine maintenence done.
i wanted to replace both secondary and primary filters on my yanmar 1gm10 engine and since it's my first time, i wanted to make sure that i will not do any irreversible mistakes. :)
the information that i have so far was harvested from the owners manual and internet forums.
Your comments/suggestions/guidelines will be greatly appreciated

Filters to use:
1.Primary filter - i have Racor filter 245R. Should i use 30 Micron?
2.Secondary filter - should i use 10 micron filter on the secondary if 30 is used on the primary?

1. how to replace primary Racor filter? anyone has a manual?
2. how to replace secondary filter? what wrench should i buy to open the filter cover? i saw someone on the net use a screwdriver pounding on the side of the cover clockwise for it to open... but not sure if that's the best approach.

Does anyone knows a good online store to purchase all related parts/tools???

fair winds.

HUGOSALT 02-08-2012 09:02 PM

Yes...filters to use primary 30 microns (I use R 20P 30 micron)
secondary 10 microns (yanmar # 104500-55710)
Above are specs as per Mack Boring a large yanmar distributor.
Instructions how to change racor replacement element are printed on side of element.
I have used the screwdriver and pound method to remove ring
from secondary filter but as of late I use a pair of slip joint tongue
and groove plyers or can use a filter or belt wrench if will fit.
Can use filter or belt wrench for racor element as well.
Must bleed system after changing filters.
Hope this helps,

dgililov 02-09-2012 11:20 AM

RichH 02-09-2012 11:54 AM

The 245R type of filter is a spin-on ... the cartridge spins onto the filter 'head' and the clear plastic 'sump' spins-on to the filter cartridge. All you need is a 'strap wrench' and means to collect the spilled oil when you remove the old cartridge. Example:Strap Wrench from RIDGID | The Home Depot - Model 31340
The typical engine guard filter cartridge (from an automotive supply) is Wix #33262 .... or equiv. and is 19然 nominal rating.

For other filters for this engine: WIX filters, WIX oil filters, WIX air filters, WIX fuel filters, WIX Heavy Duty Oil Filters : Filter Look-Up ---> offhighway ---> marine ---> etc. simply take these numbers to your auto parts store and they will have (usually special order) these filters availalbe from various mfgrs. .... and at MUCH lower prices than from a 'marine source'. Yanmar does not 'make' filters, they buy them from automotive filter mfgrs. ... and then apply a hefty 'markup'.

Yanmar filter arrangements are usually: 30然 (primary) ----> 10然 (secondary) ----> 15-19然 (engine guard - small cartridge in housing).

Depending on the operating history of your fuel tank and usual fuel supply and the 'relative cleanliness' of your tank ... the 30然 may or may not be needed. If the present 'first' filter in the sequence has a lot of 'visible' debris (sand, rust, visible particles) on the 'upstream sided' of the pleat surfaces then you need to 'prefilter' the oil with an additional (sometimes called a 'primary') filter upstream of the normal 10然 filter in the fuel delivery system. If you have installed vacuum gages and have recorded the gage readings over time you will know how well these filters are removing debris and know when to add such a 'prefilter'.
A clean tank with clean oil usually doesnt need the 30然 ... the vacuum gage on the 10然 will usually validate that need.

The small engine mounted 15-19然 is there solely to protect the engine in case one of the 'upstream' filters (30然 or 10然) fails and releases a massive amount of particles to the engine --- a 'last chance filter'.

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