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gwp 11-22-2003 12:34 PM

Standing Rigging Question
Maybe it''s my imagination, but it seems that when on a starboard tack, I can''t sail as close hauled as a port tack. Could this be caused by ill-adjusted rigging? Regardless of which tack I''m on, the lower and upper shrouds are loose on the leeward side. Is this normal? I don''t have a masthead windex, only sail and shroud mounted telltales. Any ideas appreciated.....Gary

gwp 11-22-2003 12:39 PM

Standing Rigging Question
Oops....Questions is regarding an Oday 25

Jeff_H 11-23-2003 02:26 AM

Standing Rigging Question
This very well could be your imagination since you have no objective means of measuring or it may be a whole range of issues. You mast may not be plumb. The shrouds may not be evenlt tensioned. Your knotmeter may not be on the centerline of the boat or may be cocked to one side of the boat. Few production boats really are perfectly symetrical. Your mast step may not be centered. Measuring from your stem, check that your shrouds and jib sheet leads are in the same place on the deck. Your outboard may drag on one tack and not on the other. Your keel or rudder may not be symetrical and so on.

There are things that can cause the appearance of assymetry. Current can really change the appearance of how well a boat can point on one tack or another.


Bukatfloridarig 01-09-2004 01:09 AM

Standing Rigging Question
First, check to see that the mast is in column, takke a centerline halyard and measure to the pin hole on your upper shroud chainplates. this established,tune from the masthead down. leeward side rigging should not flop in the breeze. It should become unloaded, but not flop. from the sound of it, your mast is falling out of column more on one tack than the other.

Fair breezes and good sailing

SAILORBOI22 01-22-2004 04:45 PM

Standing Rigging Question
I was just given a 1972 ranger 26, But the mast is down and there was no standing rigging with it. somone told me that the ranger 26 came with 3 mast configurations, the standard, the tall and the fractional rig. I know that my mast is not a fractional rig, but am not certain if it is the tall or standard rig. all i know is that the mast is 32 feet long. My question is if any of the ranger 26 owners know the standing rigging lenghts so that i might order some for my boat. Also, does anyone know where i can find the specs to the boat? Does anyone have an owners manual? thanks.

timothy passow

Jeff_H 01-23-2004 02:45 AM

Standing Rigging Question
I have never heard of a Ranger 26 with a fractional rig, but I believe that you are right that there was a tall rig. If you look at the LIS PHRF scratch sheet

It lists only one Ranger 26 rating. You can check the P=26.42 against your boat. If it is longer or shorter that will give you a clue. Of course if it is the same you are out of luck. I don''t know of any source for the proper rigging lengths except that experienced riggers sometimes keep the lengths of rigging parts that they have fabricated in the past. Boats like the Ranger can have some large enough variations in the manufacturing process that without the old set of shrouds it is hard to know precisely how long the new shrouds need to be.


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