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arf145 03-26-2012 09:47 AM

Sail Insignia Alignment
Putting an insignia on a new main. On the original Pearson 28 main, the insignia base was perpendicular to the leech. Sailrite says to align the base with the foot of the sail, which would make the base closer to perpendicular to the luff. Is there a standard?

Ajax_MD 03-26-2012 09:52 AM

Re: Sail Insignia Alignment
If your insignia was constructed exactly as the original, then I would orient it in the same manner shown in the ship's drawings as seen here:

PEARSON 28 (1977-80) sailboat specifications and details on

This seems to indicate that the insignia has a slant to it, and that it is best oriented along the leech and not the foot.

Edit: Wait, that may not be totally correct. The flagstaff is somewhat oriented along the leech but the numbers appear squared against the foot. Take a look at the photo and you'll see what I mean.

arf145 03-26-2012 10:19 AM

Re: Sail Insignia Alignment
Good idea, looking at the drawing, Bubblehead. I do have the original main (I traced my new insignia and numbers off of it) and the insignia is not actually slanted. The trident staff is perpendicular to the base of the main part of the "P" and the numbers align with those. All nicely square. In the drawing, they must have been trying to depict the perspective of a flying sail.

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