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hellosailor 04-17-2012 08:27 PM

1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?
I need a simple (no charger, just inverter) 1500W pure sine wave inverter. Not modified sine, but pure sine. The actual load will be 1000-1200 watts, so I'm figuring a rating of 1200-1500 continuous duty is what I want to shoot for, among other things to keep some motor tools happily ignorant of their power source.

I've heard some comments about problems with Xantrex equipment but a lot of the alternatives seem to be unreviewed units from obscure Chinese sources.

Anyone had a unit like this for some time, and have some comments about how well it has or hasn't worked out?

blt2ski 04-17-2012 08:31 PM

Re: 1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?
I know of THIS on, but not sure like you as to how well it is received etc. Looking at the 1000W version for myself frankly. Will be interested in comments


mitiempo 04-17-2012 09:37 PM

Re: 1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?
Maine Sail likes that one as well Marty.

I have no real issues with Xantrex inverters. I have installed both inverter chargers and inverters only. The only issues I have seen on boats were on units not properly installed - things like combining in and out neutral wiring and DC cabling that is way too small.

I will probably install the one you linked to on my boat.

hellosailor 04-17-2012 09:50 PM

Re: 1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?
I'd have to go with the 2kW model, as putting 1200 on the 1kW model on a regular basis is at least on paper not a good idea.

And then again, Xantrex seems to think their Xantrex XPower 1500 will run all the same stuff--with great faith in their modified sine wave. Anyone seen a wave trace of that to see just how close it comes?

blt2ski 04-17-2012 10:41 PM

Re: 1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?

Good to know "someone" likes this model. I'm recalling a thread I did a year ago January I was needing something like 300-400 watts, so the 1000w should work for my use and need. HS will assume he has done his homework for needing the 2000w unit.

Do not remember the conversion, but isn't it about "10w per amp" so if using 20-25 amps, 300 watts generally speaking?

I liked this one as it is reasonably priced for a true sine, I could get away with a modified, but price is on par with this one. This one also has gfci plug ins, vs many of the MS versions are general plug in's no GFCI. This is my own reasons for liking this particular model(s).


mitiempo 04-17-2012 11:02 PM

Re: 1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?
Easy way to figure DC load is 1000 watts AC is 100 amps DC. 300 watts AC is about 30 amps.

I will probably get the 1000 watt version. I don't have any power tools that use even that much power.

This reminded me of an inverter I swapped out on a big Sea Ray last year. Customer called and said he wanted me to replace his Xantrex with a Magnum as it had given up after 4 years. 2500 watt Freedom. First thing I said when I saw the inverter was that his DC wires were too small, only 1 awg - his answer was that it was professionally installed. After a while I convinced him to upgrade the wire size. It was a longish run and went through a bulkhead to the big battery bank between the diesels. We pulled the old wires out to get the proper lengths. The section of negative cable nearest the battery was stiff and charred for about 3'. That convinced him. We went with 3/0 for the new inverter. Also there wasn't a fuse but there is now.

A windlass is only on for a few minutes at a time, a thruster even less, but on a big powerboat with a huge battery bank the inverter could be on for a long time - long enough to get the wiring pretty warm if it's too small. He had 8 or 10 golf carts and said he was going to add more.

I still have the section of burned cable in my van as an example.

blt2ski 04-17-2012 11:09 PM

Re: 1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?

That is scary. I have right now a size 24 house battery, may put another with it, or go with two 27's or golf carts to get about the same power or a bit more. Reality is, the 24 works fine. For me it would be christmas lights with the motor running, music if need be.......a power tool, but I have plenty of battery operated ones to not worry too much. LT can go on the 12V charger.....

The 1000 should do the trick if properly wired etc. I have a BIL that is/was an electrical engineer, Dodenja is across the slip from me, also an EE........figure I can get the wire part figured out easy enough, as the inverter will be with in 10' at most wire length from the battery(s). I know the 12V wire at 14 or 16 is way the heck tooo small for what I even hope to do! I'm not planning on much! I'm thinking at least a 10 if not an 8 or 6 from the battery pack. Wire is cheap! Got a new job the other day, so get a pretty good employee discount on this type of not worth the scrimping!


mitiempo 04-17-2012 11:18 PM

Re: 1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?
10' one way or there and return? for 100 amps @ 10' total with 3% voltage drop you need 4 awg wire - if the total distance is 20' it should be 2 awg.

Best to put the inverter as close to the batteries as possible but not right over them - the AC wiring is carrying only about 8.5 amps so can be 14 awg.

And don't forget an ANL fuse in the positive close to the battery.

blt2ski 04-17-2012 11:24 PM

Re: 1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?
Should be 10' one way per side. I'll probably mount next to or really near the charger, IIRC I did that with a 6-8' run. Less than 2-3' as the crew flies per say. Down 2, over 2 up 2', maybe 3' per up/down etc.

David said he could help. That is what he does at Boeing.



Sorry for the hijack HS!

mitiempo 04-17-2012 11:33 PM

Re: 1500 W 12V Real Sine Wave Inverters?
Can't get the inverter closer to the batteries?

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