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pjfsail 12-08-2003 08:57 PM

Work on the stuffing box while the boat is in the water
Here''s my problem. I hope you guys can help. I have my 34'' Yorktown in a marina slip. I have the engine sitting in the main salon while I install a new aft fuel tank. I have had to remove a considerable amount of gear to get to this point. Being I had the engine out I have completely rebuilt the cockpit floor and tidied up the engine compartment. I decided to check the condition of the clamps on the stuffing box and put the screwdriver to them. I found only one clamp holding on the aft side of the stuffing box. In other words, the stuffing box is not installed far enough up the tube the prop shaft goes through to allow both clamps to hold. I need to loosen the one clamp and move the hose aft about 1/2". Of course, when I loosen the one clamp, that is holding, the ocean tries to get into my bilge. Any ideas, barring trying to find a sand bar to put up on or a haul out, to fix my problem. Thanks, Peter

tsenator 12-09-2003 05:42 AM

Work on the stuffing box while the boat is in the water
I think the friction fit of the hose on the tube will be enough to keep most of the water out. You only need to loosen the clamp and move the hose a 1/2" right ?! I wouldn''t worry. If you -really- concerned I have heard putting some plumbers putty on the outside around the shaft is a good temporary fix for water ingress.

ps....make sure your bilge pump works well..;-)

RobGallagher 12-10-2003 05:55 AM

Work on the stuffing box while the boat is in the water
I have never tried this, but it was suggested to me:
Go the hardware store and get one of those wax gaskets used to install a toilet. Break out the mask and snorkle and press this gasket around the prop shaft where it exits the hull. When you are done remember to turn the shaft so the wax falls off.

You could also just turn on the bilge pump and work fast. It is scarey but I''ve repacked my stuffing box like this.

Good luck

pjfsail 12-10-2003 06:25 AM

Work on the stuffing box while the boat is in the water
Thanks for the replys. I never thought about using a toilet gasket to seal the prop shaft. Interesting idea! tsenator suggested using plumber''s putty and I have heard talk about using children''s Play Dough. So, I have three ideas so far. I would like to know how much water entered the boat while you had the stuffing box out? I would like to hear from anyone else who has actually done the job before I tackle the project. Thanks again for your input. Peter

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