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lauralee 01-15-2004 07:48 AM

Yanmar 12 Seafarer 30
I''m looking at a 79 Seafarer 30ft with a 1979 Yanmar YSL12 diesel engine. Wondering about the life expectancy of the Yanmar. Also, would like comments from Seafarer owners about their experiences with topside leaks, and sailing characteristics.

I really like the looks of this boat!


KenD 01-20-2004 10:19 AM

Yanmar 12 Seafarer 30
I Just happen to have a 79 seafarer 30 and can answer some of your questions. The yammar I have in mine is a 2gm rated at 13hp it was rebuilt the year before I bought it, I supect that it would not have needed a rebuilt if the owner had not over-revved it and sucked a valve. That being said I would guess if taken care of and all they could get about 4000 hrs on them before needing a overhaul. Some things to look for are mast compression leaks at the flange where the deck and hull join, my portlights leak a little bit,on the fix list in spring,the usual leaks at chain plates,and deck hardware. The boat is slow about six knots, but sails well,handles 20 knots of wind without a reef, in jib and main out won''t go close to the wind maybe 30 degrees but handles well shorthanded all the time,and you can keep the speed on her without heeling over fifteen to twenty degrees.It''s a blast!The hull configuration makes rough water smooth out I don''t have the rocking and pitching motion I had on a hunter I owned. Overall I am pleased with the boat there is a seafarer website and a forum I have found the forum filled with questions and replys of the smaller boats but not a lot of traffic about the larger models. If your on the cheasapeake and haven''t bought one yet,my wife and I would be happy to have you take a sail with us and try it out yourself.

lauralee 01-20-2004 10:41 AM

Yanmar 12 Seafarer 30
Thanks, Ken. I like the lines of the Seafarer and the singlehand capability. I couldn''t find much on the internet and will look for that forum. It looks like a fun boat to sail and has an open feel down below. I looked at an Irwin too, but it seems I am drawn to boats with character.

I actually looked at this boat in the rain so I could see what kind of leaks there were. I noticed two ports with minor leaks, but hey it''s a boat! They all get water in them. I appreciate your comments and your offer to go for a sail. Alas, I''m several hundred miles from you.


KenD 01-21-2004 04:35 AM

Yanmar 12 Seafarer 30 lauralee this is the one site I know of there are chat forumns also. I forgot to mention that the seafarer 30 has a bunch of draft 4''10".Try to sail it be fore you buy it oh almost forgot she backs well for a full keel boat with one prop, I back into the slip it''s easyier to board and debark.I took the dodger that was on the boat off for better forward can have it if you buy the one your looking at.

lauralee 01-22-2004 08:46 AM

Yanmar 12 Seafarer 30
Thanks again Ken,
I checked out the website. There is a little info there. I used to have a 25ft u.s. yachts with a fin keel. I loved to sail with that boat. It would turn within a third of her length. I''m hoping the Seafarer will do the same. I''m really leaning towards getting this boat.


KenD 01-23-2004 07:46 AM

Yanmar 12 Seafarer 30
This just came to my tiny mind make sure you check the bearing at the base of the rudder I have heard of them in the past.Galvanic eroding I think it was called expensive to fix took a look at the boat on kentucky lake it seems like that might be the one you were considering. Looks to be in good shape from the pictures but they really mean nothing except that it is a boat that appeals to you. good luck in search.

ksherwood 02-24-2004 09:40 AM

Yanmar 12 Seafarer 30
Are you sure it''s a YSL12? I''ve heard of YSE, YSB, YSM 12 (early, middle, and later models, don''t ask me why). I have a 1978 YSB12 that got a partial rebuild 2 years ago (new gaskets, minor head work, etc). It starts right up, even when the air and water are both at or near freezing.

Also I''ve been told by several mechanics the old Yanmars were very sturdily built. Just make sure you keep it cool (raw water cooling, so keep an eye on it; I have a bilge blower for giving it fresh air too), change the oil and clean its little oil "screen" (since it''s not really a filter), and clean fuel. has lots of information on Yanmar engines. Get the service and parts manuals; the service manual isn''t well-translated, but the illustrated parts breakdowns in the parts manual are invaluable.

gunnyman1 02-24-2004 01:05 PM

Yanmar 12 Seafarer 30
Had a 2GM in an S2 I owned. Great little motor. I took a couple of classes on the engine through Union City Tech and Mack Boring (Largest East coast dealer w/Yanmar.)
Instructor says Yanmar realisticlly is a 10,000 hour engine. And it is a simple one to work on. Of course depending on it''s location in your boat.

gybeho99 07-19-2004 06:23 PM

Yanmar 12 Seafarer 30
I was looking at a thread from January where you said you removed your dodger from your Seafarer. I recently purchased a Seafarer 30 and would be interested in the Dodger if you still have it. Thanks for your response.


KenD 07-26-2004 05:58 PM

Yanmar 12 Seafarer 30
Yes I still have the dodger,I would like to sell it because I don''t use it the frame is also not used. It,s in good shape but not excelent shape.Make me an offer

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