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sailingonu 01-30-2004 05:32 AM

I am tackling a renovation project on a 1976 Reinell sailboat Model 2240. I have done a little work on two lightnings, but this project is getting me deeper into the realm of working with glass. I have read and own several Daid Casey books and they are very helpful, however, something I have run into that I thought would be an easy fix, was getting my boat lifted off the trailer for bottom work. I have found that locating used boat legs and or boat legs to rent is not that easy. If any one has any ideas that is cost effective and can be done without moving my boat would be greatly appreciated. I need to get my bottom fixed up, there are some areas that need epoxy filler and just overall cleaning and painting.

I have my boat in an insultated barn and I don''t really want to work on it outside, seems how the cold and snow is a little deterent to me. Any suggestions overal on renovations would be appreciated as well.

aflanigan 01-30-2004 12:13 PM

What kind of trailer? Bunk? Roller? Screwpad?

See previous post on trailer bottom refinishing.

sailingonu 02-13-2004 04:32 AM

The trailer has rollers.

sailingonu 02-13-2004 04:47 AM

aflanigan I read the thread you mentioned in your first and as you said, I was trying to over complicate this thing it helped me a lot.

Thank you

merttan 11-08-2007 06:34 PM

I've have the same boat!
Hi there,
We need to talk! :D Same boat same idea :D :D

merttan 11-08-2007 06:35 PM

Check there was some boat stands for sale... The price was good too.. Getting of the trailor might be a trouble...

sailingdog 11-08-2007 06:57 PM


Are you aware that they haven't posted on this thread in almost four years...and may not even own their boat anymore... You really shouldn't revive dead threads...

merttan 11-08-2007 07:41 PM

Should have paid attention! Darn!

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