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jhabaa1 02-14-2004 07:58 AM

catalina 30 new sails
Looking to buy new sails. Have been looking at Catalina Direct ( I have a Catalina 30 1984. The things I am seeing different on the Main are the loose footed and the cloth "shackles" that are reversed to force the sail to flake. I am being told by one sailmaker that that will cause the sail to be harder to raise and lower. I am also being told by one person that the loose footed will make it harder to keep the sail on the boom when lowered. Anyone have any experience with these?? Also, if anyone knows of other places to look for sails, am still open to that, but I do want to order within the next week.

Thanks, Jim Atkinson

WHOOSH 02-15-2004 02:07 AM

catalina 30 new sails
Jim, I purchased a Cruising Direct main (somewhat the ''outlet'' side of North''s loft, with sails build of Nordac in North lofts) - perhaps the same outfit? It is the first loose-footed main I''ve used and, despite being wary about it, very much like how the sail sets and believe it''s a good approach. The concern about it not ''staying on the boom'' when lowered is false; it will need lazyjacks or some other ''capture'' method just as much - but no more - than a conventional-footed main. I have found the clew attachment hardware takes a lot more stress, and would encourage you to look closely at how sturdy it is on your boat...and not to underspec the twist shackle which you''re likely to use when connecting the sail''s clew to your boom''s outhaul. Keep an eye on that end of things as you use the sail, too.

I don''t have the sewn-in webbing loops you mention, and so can''t comment on the reversing method, altho'' in general I don''t like the idea of always bringing the sail down the same way, with the same folds in the same places. I try to strike my sail differently every so often.

If they are offering you full-length battens at the top, I''d warn you away from those. They improve sail shape but I have found the attachment hardware breaks the plastic shackles, tears the batten pockets over time, and is substandard with heavy use (we sail offshore). OTOH their conventional pockets have held up well, despite the funky way in which they velcro in the battens. Were I do respec the sail, I''d definitely go with the conventional pockets & battens.


tahitisail 02-15-2004 12:06 PM

catalina 30 new sails
I purchased a loose footed main from Gary Swensen, Ullman Sails in Ventura,Ca.
I don''t think that there is any more strain in my loose footed clew than the attached style. my old attached sail had a much lighter sailcloth in the lower panel than the rest of the sail. All the attachments on the new sail are reinforced with webbing and the slides are stainless steel and attached with webbing. The battens are held in place with velcro, which I find perfectly good, and they are longer than on the old sail.
The sail is on a Yankee 30 with a ten foot by 35 foot dimension so is about the same as a Cat 30 sail.
I have no trouble getting the sail up and down and find that with the outboard end of the sail attached it flakes on the boom just as easily as the old sail escept the old sail was much more flexible.
I had the reefs cut a little deeper to make the sail more adaptable for cruising.
I am glad I went with all of Gary''s suggestions and am real happy with the sail.

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