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loki 03-09-2001 03:40 PM

Wire tube in mast
I want to install a tube in my 40 ft. mast to contain all of the wires leading up to the masthead-they currently hang free. Does anyone have experience with attaching the tube to the mast eg. mechanical fastners, epoxy, calk. Any sugestions will be much appreciated.

navtron 03-11-2001 06:14 AM

Wire tube in mast
I did it on my Newport 30 mklll..Mast 40''
On front of mast, to one side or other, drill small holes 2-3 feet apart up mast.Then put the mast with holes facing down and install lite weight maybe 3/4"-1'' pvc tubing.
Again now drill holes in the pvc thru the previous holes and rivet the pvc in(rivets are Aluminium)...Leave an opening for various things in mast on the way up so wire can be feed out to them. This came standard on the Newport and I redid it 14 years later....Sailed to Bermuda, Bahamas, East Coast offshore during those times...

jrd22 03-25-2001 03:01 PM

Wire tube in mast
We redid ours(went to larger PVC to accomodate more wires) but only riveted in four spots like the original. Remember to run your strings for all the different openings before installing in mast. Try running maximum number of wires through pipe to allow for lots of room, we were surprised how large we had to go.

noctaluca 03-26-2001 06:50 PM

Wire tube in mast
To instal a conduit tube up mast:
Use at least 1" PVC tube. I ran large vhf radio wire, and two, three stranded cables up to masthead. This almost maxed the 1" tube out. Electrical conduit with "shouldered" connections work best instead of "sprinkler" PVC with connections, because the junctions lye closer to the mast. This may be important if you happen to need a rivet at that particular point. Measure where these joints are and try not to rivet there. You may put the conduit on whatever corner of the mast you need. Leave about a foot from the top and bottom, don''t run it too far up. To secure the conduit to mast drill two holes side bye side, about and inch an a half apart. One hole is for the rivet, the other for a stiff wire, such as welding rod, to hook under the conduit and pull it to the other hole for riveting. Plug the extra hole with a rivet when done. Also figure out what length rivet best suits the purpose. I used too long of rivets and it reduced the volume of the tube.
This job on my 42 foot mast took me 3 hours with another person to help. It is well worth doing especially if you intend on internal halyards in the future. Good luck and e-mail me direct if you need more details.
Bill 8-)

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