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americanfrog 09-06-2012 01:13 AM

spare anchor
I have a 40.5 hunter legend with a 35lb delta as main anchor which works just fine. am looking for a good spare anchor to use as stern or emergency as needed. I cruise in the pacific northwest which has a great variety of bottoms. I was thinking Bruce? any suggestions?

blt2ski 09-06-2012 10:26 PM

Re: spare anchor
A lot of us use bruce equals here in puget sound frankly. Including myself with very good success. I have a 7.5KG lewmar version for my Jeanneau that is about on par with an H28.5 that a friend has near me.

Depending upon the real usage, I could see a 10KG/22 lb one for a stern, light lunch/low wind hook as an option. Some would go/recomend a danforth of some sort, as they work better in mud/fine soil bottoms. Be it a galvinized or say a foretress out of aluminum. The fortress will weigh about half for a given size anchor, but also cost you about double!

I just bought a 9lb Delta as my race anchor. Worked well the other day in some 7-12 knot winds with 12-15" waves in south edmonds.

Reality is, there is not a better or best, only what will actually work bet for you, depending upon the cnditions you need said 2nd anchor to work in.


aeventyr60 09-07-2012 04:16 AM

Re: spare anchor
I used a 27# HT Danforth as a 2nd anchor while cruising the PNW. Mounts easy enough on the back rail too as a stern anchor.

Mantus Anchors 09-14-2012 01:05 AM

Re: spare anchor

Originally Posted by americanfrog (Post 918629)
I have a 40.5 hunter legend with a 35lb delta as main anchor which works just fine. am looking for a good spare anchor to use as stern or emergency as needed. I cruise in the pacific northwest which has a great variety of bottoms. I was thinking Bruce? any suggestions?

Can I suggest you review some of the older anchoring posts to learn what the community thinks about anchor choice. I personally think Mantus would be an ideal fit. We claim that Mantus provides the most reliable set of any anchor on the market, bc of the ear tabs it can be stored like a Danforth of the pulpit. It will definitely give you a more reliable set than the Danforth. There is quiet a bit of information on the Mantus in this forum but also you can visit our website TEST VIEOS

Disclaimer of-course I represent Mantus Anchors, but I have no reservations in recommending it as a fellow cruiser.

Also there is a sale for Sailnet members running riht now, 25% Discount....
Discount CODE: SAILNET (offer expires 09/16 I believe)

LinekinBayCD 09-14-2012 05:52 AM

Re: spare anchor
My primary on an 11,000# displacement boat is a 33# Rocna on all chain rode on the roller. Hanging from he bow pulpit is a 12# Fortress on mostly braided line, ready to quick deploy or be used as a lunch hook.

The Fortess is held in place in a vertical bracket mostly by gravity. A small line keeps its from bouncing out. Can be in the water in about 5 seconds. The rode can be rund to a stern cleat if needed.

I'd go light weight for a secondary.

Minnewaska 09-14-2012 06:03 AM

Re: spare anchor
I'm a fan of the Fortress for backup/emergency/stern anchor. I'm sold on the light weight and easy storage.

chef2sail 09-14-2012 10:49 AM

Re: spare anchor
I know this will open a whole Pandorras Box, but I am sure I am not the only person with this observation/ question. Maybe this should be a seperate thread

I am bringing particular attention to this because of the recent spade of Mantus posts which appear to be just advertisement for the sale of their product.. They may have a good product, not sure. Their literature is not unlike the liturature presented by the other two major " new anchors" over the last few years.

Is it really appropriate for sponsoring members of Sailnet to reply to threads in a blatent advertisement of their products. Is this what we have come to? So now the advice of normal everyday sailors gets thrown in with people with special interests in making money off of the rest of us. Where are we drawing the line here? Are we saying pay enough money to sponsor Sailnet and we you will be allowed to advertise you product and shill for it in the various posted threads. Dont pay the money to Sailnet and if you use the forums to promote your product then you will be censored. Is this the direction we are going?

Understand that there is no independent testing of these products or the business practices of these companies.

I am asking the moderators to define when it is appropriate for a business, individual . company to promote their own financial self interests on here. Is it enough to make a statement that they have interest in the company? Is it defined by paying homage to Sailnet financially, is that what gets you in and makes it appropriate. Can you promote a book that you have written that you will benefit from financially? Can you promote a particular brand? Can you promote a particular repair shop, canvas maker, engine brand, line clutch, sails or sail loft? Can you promote a marina, surveyor, production line of sailboat? Will people who have had problems with the particular company be allowed to post on here against the company without fear of censorship, or does the advertising dollar the company pays to Sailnet give them immunity from people making negative comments about their products.? Will the readers of threads with negative comments about Sailnet advertisors be muzzled? Some of us still remember the Tartan debacle. This now goes to much more, now the threat of a lawsuit. This goes to credability.

It is one thing when people have used the products and make an INDEPENDENT evaluation and recommendations like Mainesail has with the anchors and various other products. He doesnt make money on them. It is another when the posters posts are being answered by the manufacturers in and effor to blatently make money. This is a dangerous direction to go. Credibility can/ will eventually be determined on here by " paid advertisements and threads. Eventually that will lead to no credibility except to the highest bidder.

This is a slippery slope allowing companies to post with our comments when their posts are nothing but blatent advertisements of their product. This has nothing to do with them answering a technical question ( which could be done in a PM)or particular issue.

I have found the continued posting of the Mantus company in almost all threads concerning anchors to be disconcerting and an obvious attempt of their company to promote their brand. Again they may have the best product since the invention of the light bulb.


NCC320 09-14-2012 10:51 AM

Re: spare anchor
For my spare anchor, where storage is an issue, I bought a Mantus 35 lb. anchor because it it can be disassembled in about 4+ minutes for storage as three compact, relatively flat components with the bolted construction. It goes together and comes apart easily with simple tools. Just in case that I fumble one of the bolts or nuts, I bought a couple of spare bolts that I keep with the anchor components. In my case, I store the anchor in the cockpit storage locker and the cockpit floor gives a convenient, flat, contained area for assembly and disassembly. Fortress also can be disassembled and stored in like manner. Which of these two one selects would depend in part whether you want a refined Danforth type or one of the new generation "spade" type anchors. It would seem that choice might be dictated in part by the other anchors that you have in inventory to give you a variety for a variety of bottoms.

Mantus Anchors 09-14-2012 11:30 AM

Re: spare anchor

Originally Posted by chef2sail (Post 922130)
I know this will open a whole Pandorras Box, but I am sure I am not the only person with this observation/ question. Maybe this should be a seperate thread


Dave, I am sorry our participation in the forum rubbed you the wrong way. I was hoping that our comments were useful to Sailnet members, furthered the discussion and taken as nothing more as manufacturers thoughts on things, always with a disclaimer. I thought we were in-line with other anchor manufacturers like Rocna, Fortress who routinely participate in anchor discussions. In any case I apologize to SAILNETTERS if our presence on the forum is not perceived as useful or is over-the-top ;)

chef2sail 09-14-2012 12:13 PM

Re: spare anchor

I no way were my comments directed to the effectiveness of your product, nor did I find them offensive in nature of any way. My comments were really to the SailNet moderatorors as to the limits that people be allowed to self promote, or promote products on the site. I have seen censorship of others by the mods when posters were promoting their business and/ or products in the past. I was merely trying to ascertain what the rules are.

Some of My questions really go to them

Are anchor manufacturers allowed to post here and promote their anchors sales etc, or do they have to sponsor SailNet with royalties?

Are book writers allowed to promote their books here?

Can marinas, surveyors, canvas makers, etc allowed to answer posts which have relevance to their niche as long as they note who they really are ? Or is this entitlement only allowed to those on the SailNet vendor list who pay them?

Just asking what the playing field looks like here. Are the posters comments true feelings of sailors who are using these products, or are the comments interspersed with " sales pitches and marketing facts" from representatives of companies trying to make money on us. I have no problem either way, just want to know what are the parameters here. I have seen others censored because they represent special interests, or because they presented views which may have gotten SailNet sued, but then others who are allowed to post their products like they are the average "joe sailor" Out on weekends/ cruising like the rest of us.

Greg, this is not about you or your company, but a larger question


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