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tominny 10-20-2012 05:28 PM

Anybody know of coaxial thru-deck connector?
I have a 6' wifi antenna that I want to connect to a stanchion and remove when ts not in use. I was thinking of leading the coax cable under deck right to the stanchion and drill a hole and put in a watertight coaxial thru-deck connector. On the other side will be a regular male coaxial connector connected to the antenna cable.

BUT, I have not been able to find such a coax thru-deck connector (as opposed to a thru-deck seal that allows a cable to go through without letting water in). Does anyone know where to get this connector?

Rhapsody-NS27 10-20-2012 05:39 PM

Re: Anybody know of coaxial thru-deck connector?
What kind of connector? F or something else?

What comes to my mind is something like this barrel connector although your deck might be thicker than this connector would allow so somewhere thin, it might work as long as it's sealed really well.

tibtib 10-20-2012 05:39 PM

Re: Anybody know of coaxial thru-deck connector?
What type of connector is on the antenna (N, SMA, etc.) and how thick is the deck where you want to mount it?

tominny 10-20-2012 05:52 PM

Re: Anybody know of coaxial thru-deck connector?
It's an SMA connector, and the deck has two layers of fiberglass with balsa core in between, probably all together about 1 inch thick.

What I am looking for is a marine-grade connector that is not to obtrusive when the cable is not connected. This looks good, but it's not coaxial and I wonder if I use this one there might be signal degradation or noise interference because there is no shielding and everything else that makes coaxial so much better suited:
2-Prong Watertight Deck Connection

mdbee 10-20-2012 06:59 PM

Re: Anybody know of coaxial thru-deck connector?
They do make connectors like Rhadsody pictured but are longer. I have one in my deck. I purchased it a local radio communication shop. They install radios in boats and other vehicles.

mclare 10-20-2012 07:14 PM

Re: Anybody know of coaxial thru-deck connector?
Given the deck thickness an SMA barrel connector would not work as they are too small. You could use a female N type panel mount jack. They are available with coaxial connection RG58 as well as SMA for the below deck connection. To waterproof the deck connection use an N type male RG58 connector and seal the cable entry with silicon to waterproof, then screw onto the exposed female deck N type. Having said all that there is no such thing as a water proof RF connection other than using self amalgamating tape around the exposed connection that I know of.

mclare 10-20-2012 07:21 PM

Re: Anybody know of coaxial thru-deck connector?
Just to clarify the N type RG58 male is used for when the antenna is not connected.

jsaronson 10-20-2012 07:36 PM

Re: Anybody know of coaxial thru-deck connector?
Blue Sea makes a cable clamp that is waterproof

Capt Len 10-21-2012 04:22 PM

Re: Anybody know of coaxial thru-deck connector?
Most wires going thu a deck or bulkhead use a nut and gland. Then cable goes thru that and packing nut seals it, Common item, RF cable could end there ,short , or extend up the stanchion and capped when not in use.

hellosailor 10-21-2012 10:12 PM

Re: Anybody know of coaxial thru-deck connector?
Wifi antennas are often connected by a narrow-diameter coax, not the thicker ones that resemble "TypeF" or cableTV cable. Wifi cabling is also 50-ohm impedance, not the same as the 75-ohm for cableTV. You *may* very well be able to use a cableTV "bulkhead" connector, a 4-6" long double-female connector designed to bring cableTV through an exterior home wall. Those exist but probably are not going to hold up in saltwater use.

Then too, every time you add a connector you degrade the signal path, no matter how good the connector and connections are. So personally I'd suggest using a good cable "clam" and running a continous cable from the antenna to the interior.

Of course it would help if you'd confirm just what type of cable and fittings you have there.

If you do find a marine-grade wifi bulkhead share!

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