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bradway5 10-30-2012 09:43 AM

replacement flooring
Due to some water damage, i had to rip out the teak and holly interior flooring (plywood). Now with it being pretty expensive to replace with teak and holly again, i was hoping to just lay something quick and inexpensive in the meantime. Any recommendations? I've seen some photos of what it looked like a home vinyl flooring. It's not a long term solution, but looking to get a few years out of it so i can knock out some higher priority projects. Thanks

Faster 10-30-2012 10:11 AM

Re: replacement flooring
You could check these guys out.. should be less expensive but may not be 'cheap'.

Marine Teak & Holly and Boat Flooring | PlasTEAK & PlasDECK

Otherwise any plywood based floor could be installed, using the old as a pattern. Epoxy seal it and paint it, or apply a covering like that available above. You could even get clever with masking tape and paint it in a 'pseudo teak/holly' pattern.

I would not suggest carpet.. it's a dirt/mold/moisture/mildew magnet.

EDIT.. just remembered a friend did a real nice job with plywood substrate and bamboo flooring.. looks great

chucklesR 10-30-2012 10:15 AM

Re: replacement flooring
You can always go with plywood (seal it with epoxy first, CPES is good for that) - then lay some relatively inexpensive engineered flooring on it. Cherry should look good, but mahogany engineered stuff cost the same.
They make teak and holly looking vinyl, but why fake it.

ABH3 Boyer 10-30-2012 11:28 AM

Re: replacement flooring
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I used a vinyl product made by Veranda. It can be purchaced at your big home improvement store or a well fitted lumber yard. It came in sheets 4ft x 8ft and in 1/2 & 3/4 inch thickness. It wont rot, it floats, dosn't absorb water, is light weight and is almost indistructable. The down side is I got it in white and before I added the non-skid it was getting marked up by peoples shoes so I rolled on grizzly grip. after a season of hard use it still looks new. The marks always came off the white, just a nuisance. I think I paid around $85 per sheet. It cuts almost exactly like wood and can be shaped when heated.

JimMcGee 10-30-2012 12:00 PM

Re: replacement flooring
You have to be careful about using Home Depot type flooring. It's made for indoor use and may have serious problems with the temperature extremes you see in a boat.

This product is made for the marine environment as is PlasTeak. NU Teak Decking Inc - Teak and Holly Marine Flooring

The biggest difference is the PlasTeak is sold in sheets, which can be a bit of a bear with all the cuts and curves in a boat. The NuTeak is sold in strips. Make a mistake with one strip and it's not a big deal. Make a mistake with a sheet and you either live with it or replace the whole sheet.

dacap06 10-30-2012 12:08 PM

Re: replacement flooring
I can't tell from your profile where you are located. My suggestion below would only work for you if there are marine craftsmen located near you.

Last Winter I replaced the part of my cabin sole that had warped. It may be too expensive to scale up to as much as you need, but you can decide that for yourself. I bought some 1/4" teak and holly remnants from a local shop at minor discount, epoxied them to 3/4" marine plywood, cut the pieces to size, and sealed the bottom and edges with epoxy. The two pieces were each about 2 sq feet. This approach was a lot less expensive for me than buying a half (4'x4') T&H sheet and another of marine plywood on the web, even with the extra cost of using a flexible epoxy like Waste Marine's G/Flex 650 so that it flexes when the wood flexes.


dacap06 10-30-2012 12:11 PM

Re: replacement flooring
Wow, Jim. That Nu-Teak product is gorgeous! Do you know who sells it and how much it is? A buddy's boat could use some of that and I'd like to point him in the right direction.

bradway5 10-30-2012 12:14 PM

Re: replacement flooring
Have you seen this product before? Does it look like a sheet of plastic or rubber? The stuff definitly looks like something up my alley.

overbored 10-30-2012 12:25 PM

Re: replacement flooring
Nu teak , Plas teak and Lonwood marine are all vinyl for interior floors, come in 6' wide rolls and are 2mm thick. about $45 a running foot. nu teak and plasteak make an exterior decking that comes in strips and is about 5mm thick. about the same price as real teak plywood. the only one that looks like the real thing is the lonwood. real teal and holly plywood cost about $200 a sheet. most of the new boats are coming with laminate flooring

justified 10-30-2012 12:40 PM

Re: replacement flooring
I used the NuTeak- Mahogany/Holly product two yrs ago in my 33 Newport that the teak Holly floor had been badly damaged from water. I had to sell shortly after, although I did get to see it this past weekend and it looks fabulous.Here are some pictures. It is time consuming to lay, especially working in a tight area of the cabin.


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