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Petunia 03-21-2004 08:32 AM

My boat wont start. HELP
Hey Guys and Gals,
I am looking for some advice on an engine issue. My boat wont start. It makes the RREHR REHR sound like it wants to turn over but it wont catch. A friend said he thinks its not getting any fuel so I change the filters and tried to bleed the system. I got the fuel from the secondary fuel filter free from bubbles but when I went to bleed the 2 other bleed screws. No fuel came out of the screws so apparently the fuel is not getting to that part of the system but I don''t know where to go from here. Anyone got a similar situation or experience that might help guide me. Or anyone who just knows a ton about diesel engines.

chopsy 03-21-2004 04:34 PM

My boat wont start. HELP

I am sure that you checked this already, but it happened to a friend of mine that circumnavigated twice, so it''s seems worth mentioning. He could not figure out how to get the diesel to kick over though he tried and tried, then after an hour and after bleeding the fuel lines twice he realized that the fuel cut-off t-handle in the cockpit was still pulled up. simple fix. He pushed it down, gave it a crank and it turned right over.

Outside of that, one of the many fuel filters between the tank and the injectors could be totally plugged. If the batteries are up and the starter sounds like it usually does (not bogged down or stuck)your electrical stuff seems fine. Have someone look at the engine while you give it a start to make sure that the belts are turning when you crank it, That proves that the solenoid in the starter has contacted the flywheel in the engine and is actually turning the engine over.

Hope it is something simple and cheap!

Paul G.

Pilgram 03-22-2004 04:14 AM

My boat wont start. HELP
Try using starting fluid in the air cleaner
BUT !!!! Spray it on a cloth first NOT IN THE AIR CLEANER and let the engine suck it in.Not the cloth,just the fumes and see if it starts and that clears up the problem. The reason for NOT spraying into the air intake is because it will lock up the engine and damage pistons and the starter. I drive a 18 wheeler and this is how we start a diesel that has run out of fuel Pilgram

z1nonlyone 03-22-2004 05:22 AM

My boat wont start. HELP
To make fuel bleeding very simple, install a electric fuel pump and switch where you can reach it. Just crack the fuel bleed screws and flip the switch untill fuel pumps out. Do this at all the recomended locations and your set.

newuser 04-13-2004 09:53 AM

My boat wont start. HELP
I would think starting fluid (ether)would kill a diesel because of it''s lower combustion temp. that would cause the piston to push down at the same time that the crank is trying to complete a revolution ergo bent rods.very expensive to fix.

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