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n8kraft 12-05-2012 01:34 PM

Maintain character of teak decks with nonskid
I have a Cheoy Lee 41 that had beautiful teak decks when she was new.

Now they're 30 years old and the caulk is all dried out and lots of the bungs are missing.

There are only two leaks that I know of coming through the deck. What I'm interested in isn't the process of replacing the teak decks, I've seen that elsewhere, but how to economically replace the deck with a nonskid surface and still maintain the character of the teak decks, because they really beautify the boat.

There's still a lot of teak wood trim around the windows/portlights, toe rail and hatches. I'm considering doing a khacki colored nonskid and adding a cosmetic teak trim at the deck level.

Have you seen any well done teak deck replacements that still retain the beauty of a teak decked boat? Pictures please!

copacabana 12-05-2012 01:53 PM

Re: Maintain character of teak decks with nonskid
Have you seen the faux teak decking made by Plasteak? It looks like real teak, but has zero maintenance. I have to say, I'm debating changing the little teak I have on deck for the stuff. It looks that good.

klubko 12-05-2012 05:36 PM

Re: Maintain character of teak decks with nonskid
Also have a look at cork decking like Marinedeck or Searcork. There are other brands too. Good luck!

cookwithgas 12-05-2012 05:45 PM

Re: Maintain character of teak decks with nonskid
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I Installed "PlasDeck" (Synthetic Boat Deck, Yacht Decking, Marine Teak Decking | PlasTEAK & PlasDECK) and really like it. It is a DIY product so you can save money on installation. On the negative side, it is not cheap, it is fairly heavy and it will get hot in the summer sun here on the US Gulf Coast. It has held up well for a little over a year. The manufacturer says it will not fade. I will let you know in a few years. See photos below....

n8kraft 12-06-2012 12:21 AM

Re: Maintain character of teak decks with nonskid
cookwithgas, If you don't mind my asking, how much did you pay to complete your PlasDeck?

pauloman 12-06-2012 12:25 PM

Re: Maintain character of teak decks with nonskid
before replacing i would consider patching with misc tube caulking. then a light sanding, perhaps a wood stain, a sealing coat of solvent thinned epoxy (esp 155 ?). 2-3 coats of spar varnish with those fine grits that 'disappear' in clear coating. you could also consider a two part clear lpu finish over the varnish or instead of the varnish.

hellosailor 12-06-2012 01:05 PM

Re: Maintain character of teak decks with nonskid
kraft, it is unclear if you are looking to REPLACE the decking, or COVER it with something.

It sounds like you just want to roll an antiskid coating over it. Which might work, if you could get the coating to bond well to the teak. But what are you looking to do, cover or replace?

n8kraft 12-06-2012 01:41 PM

Re: Maintain character of teak decks with nonskid
I intend to remove the old teak decking, fill the screw holes and fair smooth, then apply some new nonskid. I've only rolled nonskid on navy ships and don't think that deck gray will maintaing the same classic look as teak decks. Covering the teak decks sounds like a horirble idea to me because I've seen teak that's been varnished over and it's not an appealing look and seems slick. In fact, my teak cockpit grate was varnished over and I'm taking that back to bare wood.

hellosailor 12-06-2012 02:36 PM

Re: Maintain character of teak decks with nonskid
Ah, that makes sense. A lot of work to remove and then properly clean out and fill every hole but if they aren't cleaned well, the fill will pop and the new surface with it. I've heard of folks just filling (with thickened epoxy) and then applying a textured antiskid over it. The prep and masking for clean edges are the whole trick, rolling it on is probably exactly the same as what you did in the navy, but you'd use white instead of gray and a smaller roller. (G)

I haven't met the synthetic cork sheeting in person but that stuff looks damned attractive to me. Insulation, padding, extra leak-proofing over the filled might be worth seeing if any of those vendors are at upcoming boat shows, or asking for a sample. I know some have professional installers trained for their materials but obviously, a couple of heavy coats of white antiskid will be a lot cheaper and, after all, that's how a lot of decks always looked.

The gray "treadmaster" rubber type material is another option, that also looks pretty good and covers a wealth of sins. That stuff I know holds up very well, it just may not look as pretty.

You'll have plenty of time to check out options while "counting all the holes in Albert Hall" as the old Beatles song goes. (G)

jezzb 02-27-2013 05:49 AM

Re: Maintain character of teak decks with nonskid
Have you considered buying DEK-KING from ? Their material costs approximately $52 for each roll which is 2 in. wide and 32 ft. long (5.3 square feet, 0.5 square meters), which is half the price of what other suppliers are asking. The material is top grade. It was reviewed in The Sail Magazine US Edition of January .. don't remember if it was 2012 or 2011.

I can post pictures of my boat if someone is interested.

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