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ke4tfh 04-15-2004 05:37 PM

End for end splice
Any thoughts from experienced riggers on using an end for end splice (in double braid) to mount a snap for a genny sheet? On the surface it would be a very smooth, low obstruction attachment. However I''m concerned about forces being concentrated in the "Y" formed on the leward end of the active sheet and / or forces concentrating on only one leg of the splice.


Jeff_H 04-16-2004 07:47 AM

End for end splice
Snap Shackles are generally discouraged as a means of attaching a jibsheet. Jib sheets tend to flog and catch on rigging parts. As a result snap shackles can really beat the living daylights out of the mast, are dangerous during foredeck work and can get hung up and come undone at less than perfectly desireable moments. Generally it is considered to be a better idea to tie the sheets on with a bowline.


jbanta 04-16-2004 10:24 AM

End for end splice

I use a cow hitch to attach my jib sheets. One continous line. It seems to be very strong. I have never seen any slippageand I have been in winds under jib alone exceading 40 knots. At least for me it is better than bowlines beacuse I don''t have a huge bundle of knots at the clew.

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