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gitanopw 01-16-2013 09:49 PM

Silicon Bronze Hardware for Seacock Install
Greetings from Palau...

Been hard at work on Manta's (91 Prout Event) refit... Uphill climb reversing all the deterioration 8 years of neglect caused... That in itself is not overwhelming though... What is bad is our location (boat and me)... Everything has to be brought in from all over the world... Expensive and crazy dangerous... Parts, supplies, etc., etc., must all be the correct everything... There is no taking things back in time... The three weeks to a month it takes for the stuff to get here, takes care of any "return" policy... Oh, well... The pleasures of yachting :mad:

I am about to haul out... Paint the boat throughout, and replace (5) seacocks, which manage to scare me every time I look at them... I neglected to scrutinize Main Sail's instructions on the subject, and overlooked the fact that silicon bronze hardware was recommended for the install... So, now I am in the process of bringing in the hardware...

Have found several sources for the bolts, flat and lock washers at "each" quantities... However, the nuts seem to be a problem... There seems to be jam, hex, machine, etc., etc., etc., nuts mentioned, however, most places only carry the hex, which seem very thin and unlike the ones on Main Sail's How to Pages... Anybody know what the difference would be if I used two hex nuts instead of the thicker "whatever" nut??? Any sources available for the mystery nut in the "each" quantity order???

Any help will be greatly appreciated...

P.S. I have noticed throughout the forums that it seems that a lot of sailors are looking for a manual or file on the Seawolf 520 Windlass... I have the manual and have digitized it and it is now in pdf format... If you know of anybody who needs it, have them shoot me an email, and I will make it available top them... Or, if anyone knows where I could post it, so that anybody that needs it can get to it, please let me know... Thanks, and sorry for the long post.

Maine Sail 01-16-2013 09:54 PM

Re: Silicon Bronze Hardware for Seacock Install
The nuts I use come from Hamilton Marine... Usually 5/16" X 18 thread...

ambianceack 01-17-2013 05:19 AM

Re: Silicon Bronze Hardware for Seacock Install
Another helpful location for bronze fastners is mertons fiberglass and marine supply located here Merton's Fiberglass & Marine Supply The owner, Joe Merton, was very helpful. I changed out 2 seacocks last year (for the first time) and have another 2 for this spring. It is not that difficult. I found the removal of the old seacockcs the most challenging but Maine Sails' information was most helpful for confidence with installing new ones. It was quite exciting when we splashed and there were no leaks! The seacocks in my 34 year old boat just used stainless steel 3/8" by 1" long lag screws into the raised bed. With the ones I installed I went with thru bolts but not sure that it is entirely necessary. That is the seacock and thru hull are screwed together with the beds they rest on are thick enough that the lag screws seem to offer resistance from spinng free not to mention the caulk also keeps things in place so not sure thru bolts are necessary. anyways just something to consider. Use a long enough drill bit to set the thru bolt and maintain the angle to avoid hitting the outside edge of the thru hull. I drilled from the inside out. Also have enough length of the bolt to accomodate that angle do not just measure bolt length straight down from inside the hull to outside.

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