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pixurman 05-02-2004 10:14 AM

Auto vs Manual SOSpenders
I am debating (with myself) on weather the auto inflate or the manual SOSpenders is the best way to go. The auto is obvious if you are knocked out. My "what if" is how often is an auto inflator going to push you up into a tangle of rigging or inside a capsized hull and make a larger problem than it solves? I think the one with the safety harness is a no-brainer.

All input is appreciated.

skipper, Deja Vu

Jeff_H 05-02-2004 03:52 PM

Auto vs Manual SOSpenders
I am a big believer in the delayed action auto-inflate. This is the new model that can be worn in the rain without inflating. From what I have had read, getting trapped is far less common than ending up over the side in a diabled condition. Even if it does push you up into a capsized hull you are more likely to be able to get out of that than stay afloat in foul weather gear and seaboots.


carib99 05-04-2004 06:39 AM

Auto vs Manual SOSpenders
Get the auto inflate, but use the auto cartrige sparingly. It does auto inflate after a week or so in the Caribbean. Mine inflated during the day when it was resting in my cabin. Perhaps the delayed models would be better.

gstraub 05-04-2004 10:53 AM

Auto vs Manual SOSpenders
My wife and I used the SOSpenders autoinflate vests with harnesses for many years (prior to their CG approval so the design might be slightly different). I changed the bobbins at the beginning of every season and never had an accidental inflation.


wwilson 05-05-2004 08:31 AM

Auto vs Manual SOSpenders
If part of your debate is lack of confidence in the automatic mechanism - be aware that auto inflaters can also be manually armed as well.

s/v Virginia Dare

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