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dshearn 05-09-2004 07:52 PM

Cal 33'''' running rig
hello all , i am the proud new owner of a Cal 33''. Her running rigging is in pretty bad shape and want to replace it all in one shot. According to Sailnets chart i COULD use 3/8s thew out. Following that guide line i am thinking of buying 600 foot spools. So my question is does any know HOW much i should buy to be sure i can do it all in one shot. Any comments on quantiy or brand i should purchase would be appricated.( or if any one feels it prudent to variey sizes )

dshearn 05-09-2004 07:59 PM

Cal 33'''' running rig
Edit= I appear to have two lines running forward ( jib/genny+ spin) and 2 possibly 3 halyards on the main mast)

39512 05-10-2004 02:26 AM

Cal 33'''' running rig
First, are the existing halyards rope or wire to rope? This is important due to the sheaves (pulleys) in the mast.

3/8" is sufficient size, but unless you are familiar with splicing and whipping, it is probably better to contact Hall or Aramid or a rigger in your area. Check out Samson''s website, New England ropes, Yale cordage, Wichard and Tylaska shackles.

I think that lines should be different colors for easy identification, so I would not buy a 600'' spool. Others would disagree.

dshearn 05-10-2004 05:36 AM

Cal 33'''' running rig
Thank you for your reply 39512.

That is a very good point. Only one to my knowledge is rope to wire (right now it is the only one that works...or i trust to work ) i have been useing it for the genny. I still think it needs to be replaced though. The main sail seems to be fully Wire and in good shape.

I have thought about getting a professional, but for every thing i can figure out( with help) for my self it is more money i can put in to the boat. she sure is alot more complicated rigging wise then the old hunter 25.5. there is two halyards(1 rope to wire , one rope) going to the bow and three on the main mast(one fully wire two fully rope).( heck she has 6 winches) it is defeninatly more boat then i am sailer at this point.

williamjchampion 05-10-2004 04:03 PM

Cal 33'''' running rig
I too am fond of differentiating lines w/ color. If you''re not picky on what color goes where, I bought all new running rigging for my Morgan 35 from Sailnet at about 1/3 the price I would have paid at West or BoatUS. Look at the clearance rack. Measure your existing sheets, guys, halyards, etc and add a few feet. I race this 35 year old boat on occasion and so weight aloft was a bit of an issue. I was able to downsize from 1/2 to 3/8 by going with a high tech line instead of Sta-Set. All in all saved about 15 pounds aloft. N.E. Rope is good stuff as is Yale. There are probably 3 or 4 others just as good.

dshearn 05-10-2004 08:16 PM

Cal 33'''' running rig

Thanks for your reply William . I think i am sold on the multi colored lines. The fella that had the boat before me was a racer Though i am pretty sure he did not race this Cal.( judgeing by the condition i am pretty sure he wanted out this boat for a while) Now if i could just figure out why this boat has 8 whinces and 5 halyard lines. The company i am talking to is useing Buccaneer rope. this line is priced at 33 cents(white 3/8s) and 63 cents(white 7/16s) a foot depending on the line you order and for solid colors it is a few cents more. As it is right now i am going to re rig the whole boat and figure out what the other lines do later unless some one wants to guess for me :0)

Jeff_H 05-12-2004 04:28 AM

Cal 33'''' running rig
I am not familiar with Buccaneer rope but judging from its price I am assuming that it some kind of inexpensive double braid polyester. Double Braid polyester is generally too stretchy for halyards and jib sheets expecially on a 33 foot masthead rigged boat. This kind of stretch becomes a safety issue. In a gust you want your sails to remain as flat as possible but when you use stretchy halyards and sheets, the stretch of the halyards allows the sails to power up adding greatly to heeling and weather helm.

At the very least you should move up to single braid parellel core line like Stayset ''X'', a larger diameter Polyester double braid (minimally 1/2" or more ideally 9/16"), or else a wire/rope combo. For that matter you would be best off with a 3/8" higher tech, low stretch line.

I would be very suspicious of a rigger who has not given you the above advice


dshearn 05-12-2004 04:56 AM

Cal 33'''' running rig
heya Jeff thank you for your reply. I have back read most of the responses on this message board going back for 2+ years. So i do put quite a bit weight in your advice.( it would appear you know quite well what you are talking about:) ) The boat is riged now with a fully wire Main and a wire to 3/8s rope combo on the Jib. I had planed to leave the main alone and duplicate the Jib line in new rope. There are 3 other halyards fully rope one going forward and two on the mast. i am guessing they are for the spiniker or some thing ( there are two spiniker poles on the boat)

You hit the nail right on the head though. IT is double braid poly . I am working threw . They never once tried to even "upsell" me to a better rope. MY sales rep seemed knowledgable though and i was pretty clear about the size of the boat. I guess what is missleading is that 3/8s is the rope i am takeing off the boat.


Jeff_H 05-12-2004 09:39 AM

Cal 33'''' running rig
There are several aspects of your post that I want to touch on, To begin with, wire generally has lower stretch than the rope that it is paired with. Because only a short length of the rope is exposed to load, the amount of stretch in the rope becomes less critical so the rope is generally sized one or two sizes smaller when used as a tail on a wire rope halyard. Stretch is generally less of a problem with spinacker halyards as well. But mainsail and jib halyards stretch is important to the performance of the boat.

I visited the site that you referenced. I would suggest that you consider using their Tech II polyester/tecnora blend in a 3/8 diameter. One minor point, if you are using a jib in a headfoil then the stresses are a little lower and you might be able to get by with 1/2" polyester double braid. I also like to add a sacrificial cover over the line at the masthead sheave when stowed and raised and at the halyard lock or cleat. This greatlky increases the life of the line.


Jeff_H 05-12-2004 09:46 AM

Cal 33'''' running rig
One other minor point, you need to change the sheaves if you are switching from wire/rope to all rope halyard. The wire groove on the older style wire/rope sheaves really eat up rope very quickly.


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