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m2736185 02-26-2013 05:33 PM

77' Catalina 22 Countdown to getting her in the water begins (Lots of Pics)
So, I have wanted a sailboat for years. I recently decided to finally take a few lessons and a week later I am pulling a boat behind me.

Puchased a 77 Catalina 22 pop top and runnning a Johnson 6 hp. I wanted something I could trailer so I could visit the different lakes and rivers around here and maybe one day do some coastline sailing.

I have a million questions. First of know that I have no sailing experience other than a few lessons and I might know how to put the sails up, but I know nothing about rigging or any of that other fun stuff.

Before I start pouring more money into her I want to do the minimum amount of work to get her into the water.

Below is a picture of the keel and the bottom of the boat. Keep in mind the boat will be on a trailer. Looks like she is still covered in barnicles after some light pressure washing. Bottom paint looks like its also peeling off. Since she will be on a trailer I dont want to waste money on expensive awlgrip. Any ideas on some more affordable paint? The manual also states I could use rustoleum on the keel

Below is a piece of wood that is rotting away. I am guessing thats for the battery? How would I replace that?

Below is one of the cables that hold down the mast. It holds, but it turns... anyway to fix or reinforce those

Below is the mast plate... looks so flimsy, but i guess it does its job?

Below is one of the spreaders...looks like it needs replacing?

More general pics below

Whats that black rectangle box...Is that for the jib?

Sal Paradise 02-26-2013 06:25 PM

Re: 77' Catalina 22 Countdown to getting her in the water begins (Lots of Pics)
Looks nice. You got the hard part done already!! You just need some sails.
The black rectangle is blocks to run your halyard lines through and then aft to your winch.

Check the keel winch cable. And check the keel bolts. Have fun and good luck!

This should help -

Skipper Jer 02-26-2013 06:41 PM

Re: 77' Catalina 22 Countdown to getting her in the water begins (Lots of Pics)
Safety first, life vest, fire extinguisher, noise maker, running lights, bailing device, ect.
The black thingy looks like a turning block. Use it to run the running rigging to the cockpit.
Well, the arm is the spreader, the other thing is the boot. It protects your sails from tearing. Looks like it has seen better days, I would consider replacing both of the boots.
Inspect your standing rigging. Look for broken strands and cracked turn buckles. New standing rigging is cheaper than replacing the mast.
I'm not too keen on the battery box arrangement. You really want to strap the battery to the boat. I see no brackets to do that.
You can use ablative bottom paint since you will be pulling the boat in and out of the water.
The swing keel should be dropped, sand blasted, epoxy coated, faired, painted then reinstalled. Should be and will be are two different things.
Can the swing keel be lowered? Sometimes they rust up and swell they get jammed in the trunk. Oh, inspect the cable to the swing keel. Its no fun when the cable breaks. Also inspect the bolt that the keel pivots on.

rgscpat 02-26-2013 06:48 PM

Re: 77' Catalina 22 Countdown to getting her in the water begins (Lots of Pics)
Awlgrip would be more for the topsides anyway, rather than the bottom.
Something like Pettit Easypoxy or the West Marine generic equivalent could be roller brushed on the topsides by a semi-skilled amateur a lot easier than Awlgrip.

The plastic or rubbery spreader boots should be very cheap and easy to replace.

Chainplate and shroud attachments definitely deserve a hard look and fix-up, along with generally checking out everything that goes through the deck.

Congratulations on your new boat!

MarkSF 02-26-2013 06:59 PM

Re: 77' Catalina 22 Countdown to getting her in the water begins (Lots of Pics)
The cables that hold the mast are called shrouds... the fittings that attach them to the chainplates are designed to articulate but the chainplates themselves (the strips that attach to the bulkheads and pass through the deck) should not be moving or rotating.... you should check this out carefully as solid chainplates are essential to the safety and security of the rig..

See here :

Last Penny - Upper Chain Plate Reinforcement

As for the battery, I would chisel out that rotted wood and epoxy a new piece in : (cover the entire piece of wood first with epoxy to keep out the water - on second thoughts, just use Starboard as that won't rot), then install a battery box... they have them at Defender and car part stores and they only cost $20 or less. The brackets for the box should screw into the Starboard.

dabnis 02-26-2013 07:26 PM

Re: 77' Catalina 22 Countdown to getting her in the water begins (Lots of Pics)
You might try some user groups like these:

The Catalina 22 Experiment

Catalina Direct: Catalina 22

A search may turn up others. Agree on the battery, it can make a very bad missle if not tied down, have fun.

Paul T

GeorgeB 02-26-2013 08:45 PM

Re: 77' Catalina 22 Countdown to getting her in the water begins (Lots of Pics)
Your photos bring back memories. I had a 1972 C22 for years. Loved it. If I may be so bold, what are your boat maintaining skills and how much do you want to spend? Is your plan to do weekend sails and return the boat to its trailer and home between sails? How you answer the questions will determine your course of action.

The keel and cable is a biggie in my book. If at all possible, drop it, blast, fair and paint it. I’d replace the cable – not that expensive and easy with the keel exposed. You need to determine if the hinge is loose and needs replacing and you may need to work on the locking pin. Catalina sells upgrade kits to minimize the keel rattling in its trunk

The deck eye-bolts for the lower shrouds are a problem and need immediate fixing. THEY SHOULD NOT ROTATE. Most likely you have water intrusion that rotted out the plywood core. Fix it now. Again, Catalina sells an eye bolt upgrade kit and I recommend it. You will also want to put a bigger backing plate than the 1.5 inch washers that are there now. Spray the keel with rust inhibiting primer and Rustolium if you must, but fix the eye bolts.

The spreader boots are mostly cosmetic unless there are exposed wire strands. You can finish them off with rigging tape instead. The plywood under the companionway step is the old base to the battery holder. There used to be some wooden strips that kept the battery in place (the holder strap was screwed into them. They rotted out due to spilt battery acid. Yu want to replace it with a plastic battery box when you decide to work on the electrical.

Another good resource is the trailer sailor website. There is a guy who contributes regularly there who does a lot of work on his racing C22. Sign up for membership in the C22 owners association. Over 22,000 of these boats were made over the years and they have a very knowledgeable ownership base.

sailguy40 02-26-2013 08:54 PM

Re: 77' Catalina 22 Countdown to getting her in the water begins (Lots of Pics)
Definitely reinforce that chain plate in the pic. Then if you have not already check all the other ones and reinforce as necessary. Mast plate looks ok in the pic, I notice a bolt there and I am guessing it used to have a Tabernacle Pin. Mine originally had the pin and I broke the pin lowering my mast once. I replaced it with a stainless steel bolt, washers and a nut. So far it has not given me any problems. You may also want to get a bottom job on the boat soon. Your first time out with her, make sure your retractable keel is working ok and when you first lower it pay attention to the line. If you notice any weak points on it replace it. You don't want to be out there, lower your keel then can't get it retracted back up to get your boat back on the trailer.

Barquito 02-27-2013 12:32 PM

Re: 77' Catalina 22 Countdown to getting her in the water begins (Lots of Pics)
Another source of info:

"Chip Ahoy" Homeport

Make sure those cockpit drain hoses and connectors are in good shape. That is below the waterline.

m2736185 02-27-2013 12:54 PM

Re: 77' Catalina 22 Countdown to getting her in the water begins (Lots of Pics)
I cant access the drain hoses without dropping the keel. I was told the keel pin and cable was replaced 3 years ago. I got a look at the cable and it looks new. I still want to eventually get the keel out to get rid of all that rust. I have heard of a few techniques used to get the boat off the trailer, but I dont think its possible with my trailer. I might be able to get the back off, but the front...not so much

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