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utchuckd 03-30-2013 08:22 PM

Electronics/instruments for lake sailing?
What do I need? What do I really want? What do I not need but would be cool to have? Have no instruments right now except a handheld VHF.

Tempest 03-30-2013 08:28 PM

Re: Electronics/instruments for lake sailing?
A compass and chart and maybe some good music? A handheld GPS if you want.

I have a garmin 76cs that gives me everything I'd need:

Graphing barometer
Date/time and much more.

utchuckd 03-30-2013 09:04 PM

Re: Electronics/instruments for lake sailing?
Forgot I do have a little compass. Handheld GPS is high on the list.

Didn't know if depth/speed/wind was absolutely necessary.

Tempest 03-30-2013 09:30 PM

Re: Electronics/instruments for lake sailing?
I just looked at your lake on Google earth. It looks quite irregular in shape, so I think you'll get some fluky winds..I don't think I'd spend a lot of money on electronic wind instruments.
Just sail the wind you've got.

I sailed on lake Tahoe once and the winds clocked on me every 5 or 10 minutes it seemed. But we had no where special to was a blast.

Depth might be useful. I'd study the charts and see where the trouble spots are and see how easy they are to stay clear of. I used to lower my centerboard a foot or kind of an early warning system. If I felt the centerboard bump, I stopped the boat, or turned. It didn't happen much, as you get to know where you can go.

What's the bottom? Rock? Mud?

You'll have a blast in that boat! I think all you need are sails.

utchuckd 03-30-2013 09:56 PM

Re: Electronics/instruments for lake sailing?
Thanks. Should they have charts at West Marine? There's one right across the interstate.

MarkSF 03-31-2013 12:13 PM

Re: Electronics/instruments for lake sailing?
Yes for a lake I'd say a depth instrument is going to be very useful.

afrinus 03-31-2013 04:42 PM

Re: Electronics/instruments for lake sailing?
As a fellow lake sailor here (Lanier in GA) you definitely need a depth meter.
In addition, for maps Navionics has a very nice app that for about $10 gives you navigation maps for all US lakes.

Lanier has quite large level ranges through the year. Navionics and a depth meter keeps me off the shallows...:D

utchuckd 03-31-2013 06:12 PM

Re: Electronics/instruments for lake sailing?
Thanks all. Depth it is. Got the Navionics app, maybe I can hold off on a GPS for a bit.

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