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ltbullish 04-08-2013 01:21 PM

Navico tp1800 stuck at the fully extended position
Hi, I have a old tp1800 tiller pilot, which works fine except when it beeps continuously after fully extended itself. It can not re-tract back after pressing the red port button (it is starboard side installed). I have to open the cover, turn the plastic wheel myself first before it can retract back. The pilot works fine when it is fully retracted to the other end. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Brewgyver 04-08-2013 02:22 PM

Re: Navico tp1800 stuck at the fully extended position
Open it up, look for limit switches at both ends of normal travel. Use a mutimeter to check the extended limit switch. Check C to NO, then C to NC. One of them should read 0 ohms (closed), the other infinite resistence (open). If they both read open (or less likely both closed), the switch has failed internally. Replace the switch you should be good to go. If the contacts check out as normal, look for a mechanical fault that is keeping the swithch from being actuated. Could be as simple as a broken or missing roller on the end of the switch lever, or an attachment on the drive rod that's supposed to engage the switch but is not doing so.

If you have no luck with that, try this guy:

Tom LaMers

ltbullish 04-11-2013 10:26 PM

Re: Navico tp1800 stuck at the fully extended position
thanks for the suggestion on where i should look. i will take a look over this weekend. if the switch is bad, where i can get a new switch? sorry for my ignorance.

Brewgyver 04-12-2013 02:26 PM

Re: Navico tp1800 stuck at the fully extended position
There are literally thousands of variations of switches, and at least as many sources for replacements. But it's not as hard as that might sound. Look on the switch itself for a manufacturer and part number. Measure the dimensions of the switch. Typically it will have two small holes through the plastic box shaped body of the switch for mounting, and eiter spader terminals or solder tabs for wiring. Larger ones have screw terminals, but that's less likely in this application. One of the best resources for small electronic parts is Digi-Key. If you search for just "microswitch" it will give you this page, a fantastic search grid just for microswitches. Select one piece of matching info (Manufacturer, first characters in the part #), leave the rest blank, and click "apply filters". I just pulled a switch out of my parts box, saw what looked like a part number that started with V3L- so I scrolled down the "series" column, found and clicked on V3L and applied filters, it gave a list of 6 switches. They didn't have an exact part number match, but part of that number represents the connection type, and they had the same switch as mine with solder tabs instead of quick connect, so if I needed one, that would be better than nothing!

Other possible sources are the dozens of electronics surplus sites, such as All Electronics | Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Parts and Supplies at Discount Prices, but of course they have nowhere near the selection of a Digi-Key or Jameco.

If you get stuck, take a picture of it and post it or PM me.

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