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haffiman37 06-09-2004 10:19 PM

Never a Gori prop again!
A year ago I replaced the Radice 2-blade with a Gori 3-blade folding prop on my 2002 model Janneau37.I though I had chosen the top of the line, and specially the overdrive function that would encrease my fuel-capasity (range) by some 20% was interesting.I will hopefully start my trip from Norway to Malaysia through the Panama Canal in August. However when I lifted the boat after one year for a bottom job and zink replacement, she truth came out!You may check it out on: in the yahoo photoes section.Goris answer was clear: we do not cover corrosion due to lack of zink, and the anode should have been inspected and replaced earlier, or extra anodes should have been added! So first they spend probably some millions in making a low drag propeller, then they ask you to add some ''brakes'' on the prop shaft to make it work!Why not from the beginning put on a zink at the propeller that lasts "a normal service-interval" of one year? The service department of Gori Denmark is not the place I will recomend anyone to contact with theese kind of problems. The Norwegian distributor of Flex-o-fold guaranties the original propeller anode to last 12-24months!Anyone wants to buy a second hand Gori 3-blade 16,5 x 12 x 3?

haffiman37 06-09-2004 10:49 PM

Never a Gori prop again!
I forgot to mention that Gori has threatened me with a law suit if I went public with this story, so my departure may be delayed!

Sasha_V 06-09-2004 10:54 PM

Never a Gori prop again!
While I agree that there is a case to be made for that prop having an integral annode as part of its frame (and lets face it, this means the company is going to make a few dollars off all of its customers every year or so, in perpetuity), I think you may be a little harsh on the company for stating that they do not offer a warranty against corrosion like that.

That sort of damage is a function of where you park your boat and the habbits of the other boaters in the marina.

We crew on a boat at Brighton which does not need the annodes replaced except every second year (and they could honestly make it every third, safely), while just down the road is another yacht club with many more powerboats an such, and the annodes on a friend''s boat there get changed every six to nine months.

No one can tell you how long an annode is going to take to corrode regardless of the environment. It is entirely a function of how much stray current it is subjected to (also temp and other stuff).

I am curious that you believe that annodes mounted on the shaft will act as brakes. On the other hand, the picture shows that there is not a lot of room behind the prop on your shaft to add an annode.

Good luck in whatever you try next, but you are going to have to watch the corrossion in your area no matter who''s brand of prop you fit next (or if it is stainless or bronze).


P.S I have an Australian made Autostream 3blade feathering prop in all-stainless (with integral annode). I could not be happier with it.

haffiman37 06-10-2004 10:32 PM

Never a Gori prop again!
The first propeller, Radice had no signs of galvanic corrosion after 14 mnths at the exact same mooring place at my dock, and no canges of other boats around, electric cables or whatsoever.No shorepower, no nothing hooked up that could add current.The shaft-tip anode was still there when the boat went up for the change.The original Gori anode is almost at the exact same place, but perhaps 1/4 size of the old one, protecting double the mass of different alloys. Ball-shaped anodes which you mount around the shaft have several disadvantages and risks:They encrease drag, they create cavitation, (air bubles) that goes straight into the propeller, they create unballance of the prop shaft as they get eaten up, and finally they have a tendancy of getting loose, slide down the shaft and block the water through the cutlass bearing. As noted there is no room for an extra anode in front of the propeller, so unless one does not want to lift the boat every three mnths, a different brand seems to be the solution.

Jeff_H 06-11-2004 03:10 AM

Never a Gori prop again!
I had a whole range of problems with the Gori on my previous boat, and also had very poor waranty service from them. I went through quite a few Gori''s in a 6 year period, the last one paid for out of pocket since only Gori''s fit my saildrive. That one seemed to be a little better built than the earlier ones and stayed in good shape for as long as I owned the boat. The Gori''s, like most saildrive props, had its own integral zinc, which was extremely expensive (the last one I bought was nearly $60) and here on the nearly brackish Chesapeake generally lasted about a year. A diver was able to replace the zinc without hauling the boat each year.



Sasha_V 06-11-2004 03:58 AM

Never a Gori prop again!
At $60US for an annode, I have to say that I would simply get my brand new one and make a mold with either muffler clay or plaster. I would then be casting my own annodes thereafter.

You can melt them in an old saucepan on a stovetop, for goodness sake....

And of course, a wander around any marina in the world will quickly yield bucket loads of half eaten-away disposed of annodes which will melt down perfectly happily into your custom fitted gosh-wow expensive propriatary annodes.

I do not bother with this for the normal little annodes (about $20 every two years is nothing), but for what you described, I would do it out of sheer bloody mindedness at being ripped off.


P.S the fitted annode for my austral autostream prop is a whole $12AUD, and the prop came with three spare annodes when bought new.

haffiman37 06-28-2004 12:13 PM

Never a Gori prop again!
I got myself a new schock today as I lifted the boat to replace the propeller: most of the cone on the propshaft was gone. I have put some more pics at my page:
I even put both the prop and shaft at display in the entrance of my marina with a big warning sign. I have some 500 sailing yachts coming by for fuel etc every year, might be interesting to hear their comments.

yachtdiver 12-17-2010 01:05 AM

anybody that thinks a zinc is supposed to last is a idiot and has no idea of what they are talking zinc should evr last more than 90-120 days unless you are in PURE fresh water.....

LakeSuperiorGeezer 12-17-2010 08:51 AM

Here is a course on corrosion protection funded by a grant from the Department of Defense. The course is intended for engineers and technicians. If you are connected to shore power, also consider an isolation transformer to reduce zinc consumption. Introduction | CorrConnect

Fstbttms 12-17-2010 09:31 AM


Originally Posted by yachtdiver (Post 678079)
anybody that thinks a zinc is supposed to last is a idiot and has no idea of what they are talking about...


Blaming the prop manufacturer for corrosion on your boat? Friggin ponderous.

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