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oomfh 05-28-2013 02:08 PM

New mainsheet - recommendations
Time to replace the 3/8" mainsheet on my Catalian 25. Natually I will be using a dacron double braid, UV resistant. I have a couple-three questions:

(1) Any brand that is heads and shoulders above the rest?

(2) I am changing from a 3:1 to a 4:1 system. The length I need to add would be the distance between both blocks when I am on a run?

(3) Are dark colored lines more susceptable to UV damage than light colored lines?

Alex W 05-28-2013 02:14 PM

Re: New mainsheet - recommendations
1) Samson XLS, Samson LS, or NE Ropes Sta-Set are all good options. I would avoid Cajun/Novabraid/Novatech XLE which has about double the stretch. That's not the end of the world in this application, but Samson LS is about the same price and better line.

2) Do you use the mainsheet to lower your mast? If not 50' is a good length for the mainsheet on a Catalina 25 with a 4:1 tackle. The factory recommends a longer mainsheet (I think it is 75'), but that gives you enough extra to use the mainsheet to lower the mast, using the boom as a gin pole.

3) I have no idea. They do generally cost slightly more.

Alex W 05-28-2013 02:16 PM

Re: New mainsheet - recommendations
I should add that my length recommendation is based on using the stock end-boom sheeting setup. If you have a traveler mounted in front of the companionway or over then you'll probably need an even shorter mainsheet.

deltaten 05-28-2013 02:34 PM

Re: New mainsheet - recommendations
I spent inordinate amounts of time and research this past winter asking the same questions as you.

I ended up with Sta-Set 3/8" DB in dark blue. I find it to hand well, lay nice and has very little stretch. I calculated that at 85 degrees out, on a DDW run, my boom-to-center transom measurement X 4 was near to 70 feet. I had the rigger add 5 feet to have enuff. I am happy to report that I did a DW run wing-on-wing on Monday and *did* need most all of that length! :D

Trevor at Harney Rigging did me a solid deal on all my lines. Excellent work, great commo and super fast service; plus great pricing :D


Minnewaska 05-28-2013 03:04 PM

Re: New mainsheet - recommendations
I re-rigged with Samson XLS after some consideration, vetting and recommendation from a Practical Sailor comparison study. I hate the stuff.

It's slippery, it deforms and I don't even like the thread colors, which is probably due to my bad attitude on those first two characteristics. Nice hand feel and the study said it wears well. I've only had it one season and I'm abusing the daylights out of it, hoping I will need new sooner. :)

I will go back to New England Ropes next time. I was sold on the wear, as my last jib sheets wore out in 3 years. They take a lot of abuse around multiple stays. I think I won't get much more out of these anyway.

Alex W 05-28-2013 03:31 PM

Re: New mainsheet - recommendations
In cam cleats I like the fact that it is slippery, it releases more easily from them than Sta-Set for me. I also find that the casing doesn't burn as easily as Sta-Set casing under high load.

It does feel different, it would be worth finding both in person to see which one you prefer.

oomfh 05-28-2013 08:51 PM

Re: New mainsheet - recommendations
Excellent information above . . .

Moving the traveler forward just in front of the companionway - part of the reason for changing to a 4:1.

Thanks all.

aka OJ, 1989 Catalina 25, hull #5822

zz4gta 05-29-2013 10:06 AM

Re: New mainsheet - recommendations

Let me know if I can help, I supplied deltaten above with his rigging.
Take care,

Trevor Harney
Harney Yacht Rigging

Alex W 05-29-2013 10:26 AM

Re: New mainsheet - recommendations
Are you also moving the mainsheet attachment on the boom forward? If so you could probably get away with a slightly shorter mainsheet. I'd still probably purchase 50', it's better to buy too much and cut off 5' then to buy too little and need to buy a longer one.

You can also just measure. Put the boom at it's farthest point forward (against the shrouds) and measure the distance from your traveler to the block on the boom. Multiply by 4, add about 5' for bowline, stopper knot, and excess to grab, and call it good.

I wish the Catalina 25 were better setup to have a traveler in that location. The stock one is a joke, but putting one up there makes a terrible tripline for people going below.

Do you plan on cutting the boom shorter? It's only so long to allow for end-boom sheeting.

zz4gta 05-29-2013 11:46 AM

Re: New mainsheet - recommendations
+1 the C25 traveler doesn't do anything. They could've just anchored it back there or actually spent some money and put a working trav in there. But most people out for a peaceful cruise aren't playing the traveler in the puffs.

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