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Old 06-30-2004
Sasha_V's Avatar
Senior Member
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Sasha_V will become famous soon enough
Is there an

Like many people I log on to the boards and just hit the "today''s messages" button. It provides the best and most useful updates on what is otherwise a somewhat cumbersome message board system....but it is made more then worthwhile by the content (well done and thank you, folks).

Unfortunately, this means that a day seldom goes by without getting whacked in the eyballs by one of Brenda''s bloody useless Jesus-bothering excercises. This not only has nothing to do with sailing, but it is mind numbingly, intelect-running-in-dribbles-out-of-your-ears drivel. I am happy if she thinks that Jesus is the carburator on the lawn-mower of her life or whatever...I JUST HAVE NO BLOODY INTEREST IN KNOWING ABOUT IT.
She has been asked to desist and take it offline with whoever it is she claims to specifically mean to send this sacarine verbage to...but so far, she has decided that this board should be her own personal crusade (or maybe her road to Damascus) and has merely included the word "sailor" in every post as a barb to people that have asked her in gradually eroding politeness to cease bringing her crud to our attention.

Far from acting in a "christian" or even remotley polite manner she has escalated, and it is not in ignorance or innocence. It is deliberate and annoying....and downright stupid and counterproductive to her stated goal, too.

The admins (whoever these demi-deities may be) have chosen to ignore this complete hijack of anything vaguely resembling the topic of sailing. So I am just curious, is there anyone here that has spent time, effort and long studious attention on getting the "best" out of this board''s functions who can tell me if there is an "ignore user" feature that I can activate in order to shut Brenda up (at least in my little corner of the internet)? It is not like she ever makes any other commentary or offers anything real on sailing.

It is unlikely that tripping over her posts before morning coffee each day will cause me to give up on this board, but it certainly reduces the enjoyment of it.

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Old 06-30-2004
Jeff_H's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2000
Location: Annapolis, Md
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Jeff_H has a spectacular aura about Jeff_H has a spectacular aura about Jeff_H has a spectacular aura about
Is there an

I use the "messages since last visit" function and then scan through the titles until I find one that catches my interest. May the Lord bless you and keep you
.................................................F ar away from Brenda.


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Old 06-30-2004
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Currently in Savannah,GA
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Stede is on a distinguished road
Is there an


Here in the United States, our nation was established on a strong faith in God. That faith was the moral compass that guided this great nation through decades. Sadly, in todayís society, that moral compass has been badly eroded. Case in point...yesterday, the supreme court struck down a ruling to make companies place restrictions on pornography web sites. The desired restrictions were an effort to keep young children from being able to access them. The justices said that it infringed on a companies right of ďFreedom of Speech.Ē On tonightís news, there was another school teacher charged with having sex with minor.Young kids can now get a note from their parents to go see R-rated movies, and the list goes on and on. What does this have to do with sailing? Well these same kids that are getting access to this trash are liable to be hanging around marinas where sailing families with small children might be one day. Drug use, crime, alcoholism, and many other types of moral decay plague this nation. Muslims in other countries are beheading people in the name of their religion, but here in the states if someone mentions God in a conversation, they are labeled a fanatic. Trust me, Iím no saint, but Iím no fool either. I remember what it was like here when I was a kid, and itís very clear to see how itís changed for the worst now. The falling away of the church has had a devastating effect on this country. People of the Christian faith have tried to sound the alarm, but itís fallen on deaf ears. You can worship Buddha, Allah, or Micky Mouse, for all I care. Thatís your business. What I care about is this country, the United States. Most people on this board have been very tolerant of religious comments, and I for one am very thankful for that. I know this is a sailing board, and in the future if I come here, Iíll try to refrain from getting into such conversations. But if I feel I need to mention God as he influences my sailing career, I certainly wonít refrain from doing so because you tell me to. God Bless America!
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Old 06-30-2004
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: NC
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kokopelli9 is an unknown quantity at this point
Is there an

Jeff H, that sense of humor you so rarely let us see...but when you do, it is always a zinger!

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Old 06-30-2004
Izabella01's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2004
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Izabella01 is on a distinguished road
Is there an

AS a parent of 34 yrs, there is one thing i have learned. Our kids, no matter how much we try to stop it will do pretty much as they please, even, if they have to sneak around to do.

I have NEVER censored what my kids can see on the internent or view on tv. lol.. i am the one who cannot deal with horror movies. they love them.

My dtr at age 15 suddenly developed a serous interest in the porn sites.. for a whole week. IF you realy wanna see where your kids go set the history to 99 days. AFter a week she commented one morning out of the blue.. ''''ya know mom, that stuff [assuming i knew what that stuff was of course] is boring.. and how much can one.. oh never mind, its just boring." She is not a 20 yr old with a one yr old and a fine husband.

R rated just means [most of the time] that there is some profanity or nudity.

If jesus works in your life that is fine.. but try to remember that it has no place in mine.

what you see in the u.s. today has been going on for centuries it is nothing new..
and for as long ppl have been crying foul over the same issues. like it or not, it is human nature..

fyi.. islam is a religion of peace.. what they are doing over there has nada to do with religion.
of course the inquistion had nothing to do with religion eithr. IF you read your history books you will see that.

RElgion is not the cause of hate and violence. people are..

now please. would you like m to sit here and tell you how in, 1968, i found the goddess and became a born again pagan? no... sad.. she is your goddess too. grins..
s/v dona ana
st pete, fl
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Old 06-30-2004
Izabella01's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2004
Posts: 49
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Izabella01 is on a distinguished road
Is there an

Personally, Sasha, i think she is an instrument of satan sent to try our patience.
who else but satan would tolerate her?
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