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abrahamx 06-03-2013 05:02 AM

1972 tartan 30
I'm going to look at a t30 that an older gentleman is selling cuz he is done sailing. The boat looked real nice just doing a walk by. If it turns out to be solid would this be a good buy for 10k. Just worried about the age and getting rid of it 5 or so years down the , road. He has a survey from 2010, should I still get another?

Jeff_H 06-03-2013 06:47 AM

Re: 1972 tartan 30
Tartan 30s are my favorite 30 foot boat from that era on all counts. If the boat is in good shape 10 k is a good price. But that is a big if for a 40 year old boat. You need to get your own independent survey since only the PO knows what his instructions to the surveyor was. And there can be issues that would cost more to repair than the boat is worth.

jameswilson29 06-03-2013 07:46 AM

Re: 1972 tartan 30
Yes, you should get another survey done by your own marine surveyor. I like the Tartan 30s, too. They are great boats. Look carefully for wet bulkheads from leaking down the chainplates.

Sanduskysailor 06-03-2013 08:28 AM

Re: 1972 tartan 30
The 30 is a solid boat. There were 2 versions, standard and competition with taller rig and deeper keel. Nice feature is the engine in the middle of the cabin which is easy to work on.

Known areas to look out for: wet decks which are very common, delamination under genoa track, keel step.

These boats are very popular on Lake Erie. Several have been restored to like new condition at some expense. If this boat is well maintained it's a buy. If it needs a lot of work you might look elsewhere unless you have fiberglass and mechanical skills.

CalebD 06-03-2013 10:10 AM

Re: 1972 tartan 30
Also the T30's were initially powered with the Atomic 4 gas engine. Many are still running and viable. Even though I am comfortable with the A4 gas engine I would expect to pay less for a boat powered by one rather than a diesel.
The engine access is amazing, whatever it is powered by.

Alex W 06-03-2013 11:20 AM

Re: 1972 tartan 30
I love sailing on a friend's Yankee 30, which is in a lot of ways the sister ship to the Tartan 30 (same designer, similar designs). I bet the Tartan 30 is just as nice.

It's impossible to guess what a boat is worth just knowing the make/model/year and that the exterior looks nice. A survey will help you identify safety issues. You'll need to do your own evaluation on the sail condition.

A nice Tartan 30 hull with shot sails, original standing rigging, rotting running rigging, non-functioning instruments and old cushions is worth approximately $0. A Tartan 30 with a 5 year old Yanmar or Beta marine diesel, brand new sails (main, working jib, genoa, spinnaker), recent standing and running rigging, new cushions, a dinghy, modern electronics, lots of safety gear might be worth $25k (or maybe even $30k) in the right area. This boat is very likely somewhere in the middle, but none of us can guess where it would be on that spectrum.

juggleandhope 06-03-2013 12:10 PM

Re: 1972 tartan 30
Two decent-to-good examples were on market for around 5K each, for a while, in NYC last summer.

abrahamx 06-03-2013 03:54 PM

Re: 1972 tartan 30
Here is the boat ad. 1972 30ft TARTAN SAILBOAT Not sure if its just that he is really old, or been drinking plus my cell phone was cutting out the whole time he was talking. I hardly heard a word he said. When I asked him about wet decks he was explaining something about having a marina drill holes and filling it with something. Said he had that dont a few times and they told him he was good. Not sure what that is all about cuz I could hardly hear him and am inexperienced in boating for the most part. I'm sure someone here could fill me in as to what he may have been talking about?

jameswilson29 06-03-2013 04:10 PM

Re: 1972 tartan 30
No interior photos - that is a bad sign. Also he states that the interior "needs some improvement"...

Drill and fill is a cheap and incorrect way to remove wet core from a deck and stiffen it. The method is o.k. for stanchion or deck fitting repairs, but not for large area. Holes are drilled in the surface. A bent nail or other metal object bent at a 90 degree angle is put in the hole and spun, to break down the wet core and open up a void to be filled. The smashed wet material is then vacumned out the hole, or not in some cases. Acetone may be poured into the holes to remove water. Then epoxy is injected into the void where the core was. It leaves a telltale pattern of symmetrical Swiss cheese holes on the surface, even if painted, unless the area was carefully refinished, in which case, they might as well have used the correct method.

The proper way is to cut out panels, chisel out core, reinstall core material, and cover or re-glass, then sand, finish and paint. Read Don Casey's material in the Boat/US library or in one of his books.

You should send your questions in writing to the seller, to be answered in writing, so no more Mr. Mumbles. Don't deal with anyone who doesn't use e-mail.

I suspect you can do better for that asking price. As an example, here is a '74 Tartan 30 Tall Rig with a diesel in Bath, NC, on eBay for $1,500. Needs a little work. People are giving away beaters nowadays.

There is a nice looking Pearson Flyer '30 with an working inboard diesel on Craigslist in Virginia for $4,000. The guy can't seem to sell it. Three years ago it would have been over $10K.

blutoyz 06-03-2013 04:46 PM

Re: 1972 tartan 30
As was written a 40 year old boat better be near spotless for 10K, there are too many out there. If you need to work on the interior you might as well shop around...I bet you will find a boat in the 5-7K range 10 years newer with a diesel and needing the same amount of work.

Heck in this market, if you like this boat offer 7K and be ready to walk away. If the owner is smart he will consider it.

Just my $.02

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