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blackhat 07-08-2004 01:33 PM

Regatta Pointe Marina, SEE THE LIGHT!
As part of RPM''s ongoing Awareness Program relating to safety, your DockWitchAlmighty has implemented a new policy in response to the complaints about lights still being out on E dock. Flashlights are now available at the bait shop and will be required for anyone going onto E dock after dark. There is a $25 deposit, refundable if your flashlight is returned in perfect condition. The actual cost of renting the flashlight will be hidden in your monthly charge for electricity. Batteries not included.

Thanks to the "other" Almighty that our marina is apparently not held accountable for findings resulting from city inspections. Folks, if that were so, you could be looking for another place to lay your heads. And, speaking of heads....

Because your GM (Grass Mower) is always unavailable, many of you have questioned his whereabouts. Never fear. He is staying nearby with his head stuck in the sand. It has also been observed that Harry has gone underground. He only comes out at night to suck your blood. Silver crosses are for sale in the bait shop next to the flashlights.

A personal message from DockWitchAlmighty to Dock Demon. Couldn''t help but be flattered by how you signed - "Your admirer". Hmmmm, are your male or female. Makes a difference you know.

hughjanus 07-09-2004 05:19 AM

Regatta Pointe Marina, SEE THE LIGHT!
Harry has a big, just short of hotel, house
on the river, I believe he has a Hummer,rumour says it is yellow,
Harry is a business man, before any religion, he has something in mind for Regatta Pointe, like converting it all to condominums. JESUS, I LOVE THAT MONEY! Pray for those that have.
Hey , who is Klaus?

sadie14 07-09-2004 07:12 AM

Regatta Pointe Marina, SEE THE LIGHT!
Klaus was hired by Harry to be GM - aka General Moron or as above, Grass Mower. He is the dockwitch''s boss. The hummer is yellow. The house is big. The marina is mortgaged to the hilt. Your condo prediction may come true. But the submerged land belongs to the state of Florida, so permitting may take awhile.

You go, blackhat! :)

DockDemon 07-09-2004 08:53 AM

Regatta Pointe Marina, SEE THE LIGHT!

What''s with the flashlights? How are people going to trip and fall through the rotting dock boards if they can see? Come on, you''re getting soft.

I am your admirer. I just love evil, and you''ve got a boat load of it. Male or female? Why should it matter? You''re not that picky are you? But, my sour, remember we are here to screw the customers, not each other.

Bites to you,


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