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Dave_E 08-14-2013 11:59 PM

New Puget Sound Sailor needs jib advice
Calling All Salty Puget Sound Cruisers,

I'm almost a new 31' sailboat owner and the furling system is new to me (all my sailing has been with non-furling foresails). The boat comes with a 130 and a 150. For year around sailing what would you recommend I install on the furler? I read that you can reef the furler, but suspect a reefed 150 will not perform as good as a 130. Will be 90% Everett to BC. Thanks,


joyinPNW 08-15-2013 12:09 AM

Re: New Puget Sound Sailor needs jib advice
I'd recommend the 150--you can always furl it in some, if needed.

Have fun!!

bobperry 08-15-2013 12:13 AM

Re: New Puget Sound Sailor needs jib advice
I think the 130% is the best choice. It will work best when you have more breeze and in light stuff on the wind the difference will be negligable.
But what would I know? Overlap is over rated.

I'm just a bit north of you on Port Susan. My mooring ball is always at your disposal.

Alex W 08-15-2013 12:22 AM

Re: New Puget Sound Sailor needs jib advice
I have a 130% genoa on my Pearson and that works well for me around here. I've sailed with a 150% on other boats and don't think that the extra overlap really does a lot. A 150% won't furl down much below 130% very well.

For winter sailing I'm considering having a 110% made, the smaller sail doesn't give up a lot in performance and rolls down to a smaller working jib much more nicely.

Since you own both sails you should try each and see which one works better for you.

Honestly I sort of prefer hank-on sails. They are inexpensive when used and it's easier to adapt sail size to the conditions. I had hank on sails on my previous boat and we carried a 110%, 150% and a storm jib, plus a large asym spinnaker for downwind work.

PaulinVictoria 08-15-2013 12:28 AM

Re: New Puget Sound Sailor needs jib advice
A 150 is good for racing if you have a bunch of railmeat, but for most of your sailing, I'd go with a 130, as Bob says, it'll work better in the big stuff and make almost no difference in the small stuff (and being a bit lighter, might even be better).

blt2ski 08-15-2013 12:46 AM

Re: New Puget Sound Sailor needs jib advice
I'd probably do a 150 ap to sept, oct to march the 130, or as mentioned get a 110-120 or so. Wind/air is heavier due to being colder, and typically lower barometer readings vs summer months.

On the other hand, if you have a min forestay as I do, a 130 is about as big as one wants when double handing. My 150, and sometimes the 140, needs a person to move the sails around the mini forestay, and then lift the foot over the lifelines. So a high clew 130 is probably the best sail for 2, and ease of use on "my" boat. A non mini forestay a 140 or so would be best for all around, then a 110 on those what you know to be windier days.


SchockT 08-15-2013 02:14 AM

Re: New Puget Sound Sailor needs jib advice
You talk like you have to choose one or the other! Do your sails a favor and take them OFF the furler when the boat is not being used. Then pick the sail that is best suited to the wind conditions you are expecting! It only takes a few minutes before and after!

Having said that, I never use my big sail because when it is just the family we are over powered too quickly. For me the choice is between the #2 and the #3. I don't believe in roller reefing unless I have no other option, and so far I have never done it!

blutoyz 08-15-2013 08:54 AM

Re: New Puget Sound Sailor needs jib advice
Obviously it is a matter of opinion. I don't think you will have much trouble in light wind with a 130 so that would be my choice (it is what I have an it is plenty of cloth)

Dave_E 08-15-2013 09:36 AM

Re: New Puget Sound Sailor needs jib advice
Thanks much for the insight! I'm going to see what's installed on the boat Saturday during water test.


bobperry 08-15-2013 10:43 AM

Re: New Puget Sound Sailor needs jib advice
Keep both sails on board.
Real men change jibs.

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