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Old 08-29-2013
deltaten's Avatar
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Re: Dock vs. mooring

Second what capta just said!

I was/am fortunate that a floating dock became avail at my boat-buddy's little landing. The marina that surrounds me has slips and moorings. For my mere 27 footer, a slip would be $1750/6 mo season and a mooring is near ta $1250 !!!
Wadda deal! :wtf:
I got the fairway end of the floater for the whole year for slightly less than the mooring for 6 mo !
Power via (self-supplied) extension cable, water for the tank outta a hose from the nearby apt and showers etc. thru a (landing owner's) deal with the big marina. "Sea fan"s are in use during cold WX, so I'll prolly stay "in" all year.
I believe I have the best of both options as above! Not stuck in a piling cage/slip and not forced to schlep the dink back'n'forth. I'm always at the same level at the dock (3'+tidal changes); parked broadside on, so's I can mount the dock-box/steps and load myself, passengers and gear till I'm blue...if I wanna

Hope ya find a site as good as mine! Check CL, local rags and possibly put in a "wanted to rent" ad of yer own. THey're out there, ya just gotta look and wait :'_)
S/V Chrysalis
'80 Watkins 27
North East, MD

Last edited by deltaten; 08-29-2013 at 08:20 PM.
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Old 08-29-2013
Omatako's Avatar
Senior Member
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Omatako will become famous soon enough
Re: Dock vs. mooring

Obviously geography is everything and what works in USA may not work in NZ and so on.

We have a mooring. We have had slips in marinas. The cost of a marina to rent in Auckland is about $700 a month. The cost to have my mooring was an initial outlay of a couple of grand, now it costs me $200 a year. For me that's a no-brainer.

And getting to and from, only I get to be wet and uncomfy in the dink, I take the boat back to the walk-on areas of the local marina and all my family and guests step aboard like royalty and I get to load the groceries/gear with ease. Old story - happy wife = happy life.

Plus I read all the threads about how people have these elaborate plans and systems to get their boats in and out of slips without damaging their vessel and those around them and I just smile.

I also don't require $1million of public liability cover on my insurance.

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"Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying."

Arthur C. Clarke
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Old 08-29-2013
Coquina's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Maryland
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Coquina is on a distinguished road
Re: Dock vs. mooring

I have had both. The mooring REALLY depends on where it is. Over in the Severn I had a mooring in a very sheltered spot and a slip for my dinghy. I could tie up temporarily to load and unload or get water. Do NOT underestimate water. It can be a major pain to have no easy access to fresh water.
If you do don't have a good spot to keep a dinghy, a good spot to park, and a dock for loading and unloading being on a mooring can be a large PITA.
On the plus side the boat rides easy into the wind, sleeping is better, and hurricane prep is taking the canvas down.
Joe Della Barba
C&C 35 MK I

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To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.

Last edited by Coquina; 08-29-2013 at 08:26 PM.
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Old 08-29-2013
Junior Member
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cutterdad is on a distinguished road
Re: Dock vs. mooring

Bought a new to me boat a few years ago and it took over a year to sell the old boat.
Kept the old boat in my slip and rented a ball for the new boat. So for that year plus I had both a mooring ball and a slip.
Avantages for the ball:
Beautiful out there, view constantly changing, quiet, neighbors farther away, almost like being at sea when the tide is running, and I just plain liked it.
Disadvantages for the ball:
We lived two hours away so if we got there and the weather was bad, we were late, and the bay was sloppy out we went in the dink. Didn't have solar, wind generator, or genset. Had to run the old Perkins 1 O4 to keep the batteries up. On New Year's Eve morning woke up at 5:30 am to 50 plus knot wind. No way our 8' hard dink could make it back to the dock. Got up naked made sure everything was secure went back to sleep. 7:30 am our yacht club called us. They were having a pretty good time watching us bounce around out there.
Said they would send someone out in the club's 18' tender when it laid down enough for them to have the courage to come and get us. Woke up again at 10:30 am all was calm.
My wife just plain preferred a slip.
Advantages slip:
Easy to get to by foot any weather. Easier to show boat you are trying to sell. Just plug into electric and water. Neighbors watch your boat. My wife just plain likes it better.
Easier for anyone to get to. Neighbors. Less feeling of freedom and adventure.
I'm sure there are many more pro and cons.
ps sold old boat and moved new boat to slip.
Wife happy.
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Old 08-29-2013
wuffiesails's Avatar
Junior Member
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wuffiesails is on a distinguished road
Dock vs. mooring

Much easier to sail to a mooring in the event of mechanical problems.
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Old 08-30-2013
Senior Member
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ScottUK is on a distinguished road
Re: Dock vs. mooring

I have my boat on a pile mooring. Tying up is bit more tricky than a standard mooring or a slip. It can be a pita because of having to row out. There is a pier I can tie up to and load, fill my water tank and wash down. All and all I prefer my mooring to a slip because it is cheaper and it is more isolated. I also have a much better view of the city.
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Old 08-30-2013
Senior Member
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cthoops is on a distinguished road
Re: Dock vs. mooring

This is our first year with a boat and although we originally chose a mooring because of the significant cost savings, we are planning to stick with it. Temperatures are cooler because the boat is always pointing into the wind, we have more privacy, it's easy to pick it up at the end of a sail, and did I mention it was cheaper?

What makes the mooring truly work for us is our dinghy with outboard. If we had to row to the mooring or wait for the tender, then I'm sure our satisfaction with the situation would be much lower. As it is, we load the dinghy up, start the outboard, and five minutes later we're at our boat. I don't mind having to load it with our supplies and shuttle to the boat. In fact, I rather enjoy the dinghy ride. For us, we feel like once we're at the marina we've arrived at our little vacation getaway.
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1975 Bristol 24 Corsair
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Old 08-30-2013
DrB DrB is offline
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Re: Dock vs. mooring

This question gets asked a lot. Here is my summary:

Slip or Mooring Can?
If you liked my advice/response, give me some rep points. If you didn't......well what do you expect, it was free.
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Old 08-30-2013
Jiminri's Avatar
Senior Member
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Jiminri is on a distinguished road
Re: Dock vs. mooring

We had a choice of a slip or mooring at the same marina. Moorings have a lot of advantages and it was a tough decision, but ultimately I took a slip for two reasons.

1) We can keep the frig plugged in. Nice to get to the boat and the beverages on board are already cold. For our short cruises, we do bring a couple of gallon jugs of water that we've frozen at home. Between those frozen jugs and the pre-chilled cooler, we're good to cruise for a few days without having to run the frig.

2) Easier for someone to check on the boat. We live about an hour from our boat, but I have a friend who lives just a few houses away. If I forget to do something--or wonder if I've forgotten to do something (like, did I really close that hatch????)--I can call him and he'll walk by and see. He's a generous guy, but I'd hesitate to ask him to a dinghy ride out to do the same thing.

All that said, I'm still thinking about taking a mooring next season....

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Nonsuch 30 Ultra #343 1986
West River, MD
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Old 08-30-2013
Maine Sail's Avatar
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Maine Sail is just really nice Maine Sail is just really nice Maine Sail is just really nice Maine Sail is just really nice
Re: Dock vs. mooring

I think a lot depends upon where you are and how it is done locally. Personally you could not pay me to be in a marina, er, trailer park on the water... I work in them every week. Last week at one I had to endure 6 hours of the thud, thud, thud, thud of a subwoofer (could not hear the rest of the music just the thud, thud) 8 boats over and the "dude" on the back deck drinking PBR tall boys at 9:30 am in his wife beater..... His buddies then showed up and they proceeded to block the entire dock with lawn chairs so no one could get by without waiting for them to move. Lovely place......

I've had boats on moorings for my entire life and have also been on boats and worked on boats full time that lived in marinas. I was a commercial lobsterman in my younger days and kept my boat on a mooring even then. I fished 6 days per week and never missed a single day (except for Hurricane Gloria) even dragging my dinghy to the water.

Much of the North East is comprised of moorings and perhaps 85 -90% of the boats in Maine are on moorings. We don't have waiting lists at many marinas up in Maine, lots of vacant dock space, but do have a number of anchorages with mooring wait lists..

The idea that you will sail less on a mooring is a complete falacy unless you are simply lazy. If you want to sail you will sail.

We have both a dinghy dock and launch service for access and it could not be easier. If we have piles of gear to load there is our clubs dock or the town dock, but it is rarely necessary.. I can be under sail, without running the motor, just as fast as I can get away from any dock but I don't have to short run the motor to do so. I also never have to tie spring lines and deploy fenders just drop the pendant and we're off. I simply walk down the ramp, step into the launch and am on our boat in about a 50-60 second launch ride. Could not be any easier.

The main reason I prefer moorings is for storm safety and hull protection. Nothing worse than chronic fender rash or shark bites out of your boat in storms.. I would rather have my boat on our well engineered and designed mooring than on any dock or on the hard in a big storm....

Our boat rode out the storm that did this without so much as a scratch and suffered zero chafe on the mooring pendants. Our mooring was specifically designed to handle severe storms.

This was some video footage at another anchorage of the same storm that sank all those docked boats above.. Unfortunately it was taken well after the peak of the storm and well after the wind had died off. The seas were still pretty good though.. You can see why moorings are preferred up here during our Nor'Easters. Not a single boat on a mooring in this cove sank or broke free... Pretty typical for folks who actually take care of their mooring system and design them well.

If I was a full time live aboard then I'd likely want to be at a slip, does not mean I'd like it, but if not living aboard, there's no way I would choose a marina over a mooring here in Maine... Just my .02, based on where I sail......
-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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Last edited by Maine Sail; 08-30-2013 at 08:25 AM.
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