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azguy 09-18-2013 03:02 PM

24ft Mirage Sailboat - 1983
I found a pretty nice and clean 24ft Mirage Sailboat and I'm looking at it on Friday. I like it because of its wide beam, new out 8hp outboard and six sails in different shapes and sizes along with new VC - 17 bottom paint.

I have researched some of the history of these boats along with trying and searching on this forum but I wanted some first hand comments if anyone could help a guy out.

Also, the only thing I wish it had that it doesn't is a roller furling head sail. any rough estimates on what one would cost to put on a boat like this.

Faster 09-18-2013 03:33 PM

Re: 24ft Mirage Sailboat - 1983
A nice, pretty C&C design, bit of a lightweight perhaps in construction but fine for what it's intended.

A furler for this will probably run you between $1-1.5K, maybe a bit more, by the time you buy the furler and modify all the sails to fit (shorter luff and luff tape) Not sure it would be worth it for that particular boat unless you planned to keep it a long time.

azguy 09-18-2013 05:18 PM

Re: 24ft Mirage Sailboat - 1983
Thanks Faster, it does look like a very pretty boat. I would be slipping it a large lake here in Arizona with mostly 7-15 knot breezes so I it does need to be built like a tank.

The owner claims it was his pride and joy for the last 12 years so I'm anxious to view it on Friday.

It also has a recently rebuilt trailer with it so that would be great for any service or upkeep issues that may arise. I just recently learned that a haul out at this lake is under a stranglehold by one guy and it's a small fortune to have a haul out.

Chas H 09-18-2013 07:23 PM

Re: 24ft Mirage Sailboat - 1983
I own a 1977 Mirage 24. I think it's a great boat. I've looked at several C&C 24's and prefer the below decks layout of the Mirage (The head is aft of the v-birth). I also have a CDI furler that I removed in favor of a Harken Unit 0. The CDI is in great shape. I just wanted a Harken. I'll sell you the CDI for $100. Call if interested. 920 four eight three zero five nine four.

Gary M 09-18-2013 11:48 PM

Re: 24ft Mirage Sailboat - 1983
I bought a Mirage 24 new many years ago and loved it. It is far from a light weight, they are very well built. Hull is solid glass and if I remember right about 3/4 inch think. They love heavy air and move along nicely in the light stuff.

They did make some with a taller mast, about 18 inches I think. That would have been my preference. I personally am not a big fan of roller furling and with sails that size they are very easy to handle.

ltgoshen 09-19-2013 08:59 AM

Re: 24ft Mirage Sailboat - 1983
We took first place in the cup race and I will be the first to tell you, This is a fast boat.
I own a C&C 30 that is a well know for a fast PHFR racer, However the mirage will beat my boat every time. . I worked on this boat as a bowman and it will flat hall ^%$#.
Take a look at this vedio taken with me GOPRO and let me know what you think of this boat..
Good luck and have fun.

Gary M 09-19-2013 11:20 AM

Re: 24ft Mirage Sailboat - 1983
There were two sailboat manufacturers that built Mirage boats. Totaly un related as far as I know, completely different designs. There was one near Montreal that built my Mirage and quite a number of others. There was also a company in Florida who built boats called Mirage, they tended to be lighter weight and probably faster. A friend has one of these mirage 338.

The boat in the video is not one that was built in Montreal so must be from Florida. I would guess that the original poster is looking at one from Montreal since I think they made a lot more of them.

I googled Mirage 24 and an image of my old boat came up :)

azguy 09-19-2013 01:50 PM

Re: 24ft Mirage Sailboat - 1983
Gary, that's the boat, same keel shape and everything with that sort of low profile cabin etc...very sexy looking. I haven't seen it in person yet, just pics, but I'm looking at it tomorrow.

The owner confirmed it was built in Canada and confirm it's fast and just sent me this about the history of Mirage boats..

__________________________________________________ _____________________

Mirage Yachts Ltd. was formed in February of 1972 by Dick and Irene Steffen, for the purpose of building the Mirage 24 designed by C&C. Up until this point they had owned a large volume C&C dealership in Point Claire, Quebec. At the time C&C did not build any model smaller than the 27.

Dick was a very keen racing sailor and wanted a smaller MORC boat to both sail and sell from his retail dealership. At his request the C&C had designed a 24 footer, but C&C decided not to built it. Steffen then bought the design and set up his own shop on the second floor of a rented building in Point Claire, Que to build it.

Sales of the 24 were gratifying and eventually 15 workers were busily turning out new Mirage 24's. A lot of the reason for its success was based on its racing record in MORC class racing. Fifteen years after its introduction, a Mirage 24 placed #1 in the production-built division at the MORC national championships.

The Mirage 24 proved so successful that an envious C&C shortly thereafter introduced the C&C 25, quite similar in design to the Mirage 24. Nevertheless, the Mirage 24 continued to sell very well and dominated the C&C 25 on the race course. When Dick then approached the C&C design team for a larger model and was turned down, he turned to designer Robert Perry for the new boat.

In 1975, the plant was moved to a 12,000 sq. ft facility in nearby Vaudreuil, Que. The Perry designed Mirage 26 (later stretched to a 27) was introduced shortly thereafter. By 1979 the plant had grown to 30,000 sq.ft. with an additional 5,000 sq. ft. spar manufacturing facility in Dorion. Que. In 1983 the plant was again increased to 35,000 sq.ft. to accommodate the new Perry designed Mirage 33/35.

The Bob Perry models were highly successful and the core of steady growth at Mirage for over a decade. Eventually the Mirage 26/27 was followed by the Mirage 33/35, the Mirage 30/32 series and the remarkable Mirage 25. Each of these models while remaining at the upper end of the performance scale, established the Mirage as a wholesome family cruiser.

In the late 70's the J/24 became the scourge of the race course. Seeing an opportunity opened by the interest in the J/24, Dick asked his old friend and Laser/International 14 designer, Bruce Kirby to design a new boat in this size range. The Kirby 25 was the result. Soon Kirby 25's were pounding the PHRF and MORC fleets even worse than the J/24 did.

When J/Boats introduced the J/30, Mirage unveiled the Kirby 30. which on the water rocketed right by the J. Ironically, J/Boats then introduced the J/29-- a boat a whole lot like the Kirby 30. The modified Kirby 30, the Mirage 30SX remains today, a highly competitive PHRF or MORC rocket.

In the mid-eighties the "French Invasion," fueled by an advantageous exchange rate, amd minimal import duties was in full swing in North America, lead by Beneteau, Jeanneau , Elite, and others. The French boats sported avant garde styling and reasonable two stateroom accommodations, even in smaller boats under 35'. Sales of the Perry designed Mirage 30, (generally thought of as a superb sailing boat) were dissapointing.

In 1985, Steffen looking to build a replacement model to the aging 27, asked several designers to do preliminaries for a 28 footer with a double aft cabin. The design submitted by Phillippe Harle's was Steffens choice which became the Mirage 29 and was introduced in the spring of 1986. This model was an instant success. About 50 boats were sold before hull #1 hit the water and nearly three hundred were eventually built. The Mirage 275 and Mirage 39 followed, both also Harle designs.

Not long after the introduction of the Mirage 39, in 88-89, Dick sold Mirage Yachts Ltd. to a Montreal investor who very shortly went out of business

navyret1956 10-17-2013 11:28 AM

Re: 24ft Mirage Sailboat - 1983

Originally Posted by Chas H (Post 1090512)
I own a 1977 Mirage 24. I think it's a great boat. I've looked at several C&C 24's and prefer the below decks layout of the Mirage (The head is aft of the v-birth). I also have a CDI furler that I removed in favor of a Harken Unit 0. The CDI is in great shape. I just wanted a Harken. I'll sell you the CDI for $100. Call if interested. 920 four eight three zero five nine four.

Do you still have the self furler? if so please email me at dmclaughlin at shaw dotca

krisscross 10-17-2013 11:37 AM

Re: 24ft Mirage Sailboat - 1983
I have a Mirage 5.5. Nice boat, very fast, easy to launch from the trailer.

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