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azguy 10-01-2013 07:05 PM

I Think I Found The Right Boat
Well Ok, after looking at a half dozen boats here in Arizona I think I found one to make an offer on. It's an early 80's Catalina 27 that's in pretty nice shape hut needs some attention as I have OCD :eek: and since it doesn't come with a trailer I would rather just do everything now and be able to enjoy it for the next few years without haul outs or down time.

The owner tackled all the wiring, new lights, inside and out, new head, holding tank and plumbing, standing rigging, painted the mast and it has a hinge on it, new double reef main, half the lines are new and the bottom was sanded and painted with primer and put in the water in July. I don't really understand that but he said he wanted to get some sailing in after two years of "off and on" work on the boat while it was on the hard. Then he was going to pull it out next month and research which bottom paints to use...

The stuff the boat needs; new jib, both are trashed and I would just bite the bullet and invest in a roller furling as I'll be single handed a lot. Obviously the bottom needs to be taken care of properly. It has an old 7.5 hp Merc pull start outboard that is jury rigged with some crazy throttle attachment as the owner does not have it in the outboard well. Instead he added an outboard bracket to the stern and the motor is really down and far away while motoring. You couldn't operate it without the throttle attachment. I would like to trade in this motor for something with an electric start and remote controls.

The inside and outside are well cared for, the cushions are great and the wood looks like it was always oiled and cared for. It has two anchors, a brand new bimini, a very new SS barbeque and he was very proud of the fact the stove and all the outlets inside work :laugher It has a brand new radio and 4 speakers.

He replaced the keep bolts and painted the bilge up nicely and it has a new bilge pump hooked to a battery and a solar charger.

He removed the lifelines and stanchions which I don't really care for and it does not have a cover for the main, just a tarp :confused:

He's asking $9,000, but made it very clear he's open to offers and is willing to arrange to have it moved 90 miles to the lake near me. He has a trailer which he used during the rebuild and a big dually to tow it.

My plan is to have the shop at the lake I would slip it do the bottom paint, install the roller furling, order me a brand new jib, run all the lines to the cockpit which would require some additional blocks and one winch installed on the cabin top, replace the engine and wire it in as they have dozens for sale and trade there and lastly replace the life lines and stanchions and use backing plates which he does not have. I think I could be looking at $5,000 in immediate repairs and have a real nice Catalina 27.

Like I said, he kept saying make me an offer, what would you guys offer him and what do you think a real clean Catalina 27ft is worth all done up like this..?

Keep in mind, it's been posted for sale for 6 weeks and it's in a lake that may be the worst lake in the state to have a sailboat, no wind at all, he just lives a few miles away and that's why he picked that one.

Sorry for the long post and I didn't take any pictures in the excitement.

Philzy3985 10-01-2013 07:32 PM

Re: I Think I Found The Right Boat
Sounds like the wrong boat to me.

Philzy3985 10-01-2013 08:26 PM

Re: I Think I Found The Right Boat
Sorry, what I meant is - you didn't tell us your budget - but it sounds like new jib/roller furling/motor/transporting/ sail cover and then finding out the hard way down the road what he did with wiring could all become very expensive,

It would take a pristine 27' for me to spend $9,000 to sail it on a lake.

If he's negotiable maybe the low-ball $4k (if you assume $5k in immediate expenses) and him delivering the boat - otherwise walk on to another find. I bet the pickings are slim in AZ, but still, $9k for a boat with a mess of things still necessary is just a bad deal.

I bet that thing will sit on the market for months and months until he gets sick of listing it, or brings down the price.

The truth is you can find a Catalina 27 that needs the same $5000 amount of work for $2k in CA.

Willin' 10-01-2013 08:47 PM

Re: I Think I Found The Right Boat
I remember my first boat purchase, an aged wooden H28 ketch. Seller wanted $7K. After diving on it and taking a test sail I offered $5k thinking it would take another $5K to get it to where I would be comfy/ proud to sail her (that's 100% to make it seaworthy, but what the hey, I like LFH's designs).

After the test sail, my wife went ashore and babysat the seller's young son while we dickered. We reached an accord and ran to the bank to close the deal before COB, then wifey and I went back to consummate the boat purchase on board.

Afterward, she said to me the kid had told her that the seller's wife told him not to come home if he hadn't sold the boat.

I gently asked her if she didn't think that would have been a good thing to tell me "before we closed the freakin' deal"?

I could have had that boat for $50 had I known.

Moral... If it's not your dream boat, you are in control. Go low and be prepared to walk away if you can't come to terms... and leave the wife at home.

CalebD 10-01-2013 08:58 PM

Re: I Think I Found The Right Boat
I think PhilZ is on to something.
There may very well be more Catalina 27's and other similar boats for sale on either coast than in Arizona.
The more boats for sale in your area the more downward pressure on prices.

$9K for a C27 as you describe sounds a bit high to me.
I'd start with a low ball offer too; like 5 or 6K. You will spend 5 - 6K getting a new motor, furler & head sail.
$7200 is 20% less than his asking price and should not be an insulting offer.

Harborless 10-01-2013 10:06 PM

Re: I Think I Found The Right Boat
I agree AZ. I think you are looking at more than 5 thousand for a boat that as said, in great shape goes for 9 on a good day. A jib new will run ovver one grand and an engine will eat up another few before you even hit the water once. Roller furling? Your close to 5 or over now.

I strongly recomend you think about inboard diesel boats that already have roller furling. For 9 grand you can find a nice boat. You need to look at boats asking 12 to 14 and then come in with 9. Youll get a much nicer equipped boat for your money.

ericb760 10-01-2013 10:15 PM

Re: I Think I Found The Right Boat
I can literally throw a rock and hit three C27's that are for sale and perfectly sailable in my marina. None of which are priced over $4,000. I'd keep looking unless you can get the boat for $1500 or less...

sailjunkie 10-02-2013 12:06 AM

Re: I Think I Found The Right Boat
We sailed C27's with a sailing coop for 13 years before we bought our boat. They're great boats but $9k seems awfully high. I've seen C27 listings in PNW for around $5k

overbored 10-02-2013 02:03 AM

Re: I Think I Found The Right Boat
some early 80s boats will bring from 5k to 13k depending on xtras and condition. there are lots of them around. a fresh water boat may be worth a little more.

mike21070 10-02-2013 04:48 AM

Re: I Think I Found The Right Boat
I looked at Catalinas, and they are a nice looking boat. Are the 27s trailerable? If they are, you should look at craiglist in LA. I used to live in Chandler, and it's a 6 hour drive. Looks like some pretty good deals if you're willing to drive and tow one back.

By the way, which lake are you refering to?

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