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cowboyjaan 10-03-2013 09:00 PM

I need advice shore or Intracoastal NJ to Florida
Hello ..
I am planning to take my 60 ft sailboat that is not rigged and no mast !!! under power from New Jersey to as far south as I can get .. My boat drafts about 8 ft . and is a twin engine .
I live in Oregon and have NO experience with the East Coast !!
I am at Hinkley Yacts Service in NJ and JUST got the notice that they are closing down the yard and I must get my boat out of the yard and gone in the next two months ... so, I do not have a lot options here ....
And as of yet I have no crew .. although I have a lot of experience in large motor boats and would be over ** confident *** in making this journey alone.
I will be looking for a DO IT YOURSELF yard some ware in the Southern states to finish her up.
So, back to my question .. can anyone give me some recommendations as to taking the Intracoastal or open seas .. In November, December !!! other than forget it ..
Thanks, Jaan

Bene505 10-03-2013 09:09 PM

Re: I need advice shore or Intracoastal NJ to Florida
Good first post, with needed details.

Haven't done the trip myself, but others have, so I'll let them answer.

Welcome to Sailnet!


cowboyjaan 10-03-2013 09:12 PM

Re: I need advice shore or Intracoastal NJ to Florida
Thanks Brad .. I appreciate that !!

boatpoker 10-03-2013 09:27 PM

Re: I need advice shore or Intracoastal NJ to Florida
8' draft and no east coast experience ... must get towing insurance, you will run aground inside..

Wait til' after the beginning of November and carefully pick your weather to run outside.
If you can't do it in one run be very careful, most of the inlets can get very difficult if the weather gets stinky. If you do it in stages, plan your hops in and out in good weather.

cowboyjaan 10-03-2013 09:44 PM

Re: I need advice shore or Intracoastal NJ to Florida
Thank you sir for your advise !! It will be late November at the earliest ...
If I go via outside is there many ports alone the way that I can take refuge in if the weather turns? also I will be needing to fuel up often ..

CaptainForce 10-03-2013 09:46 PM

Re: I need advice shore or Intracoastal NJ to Florida
It's a huge undo strain on a vessel to try and have it pulled off aground at a falling tide. I'm all for towing insurance, but I don't use it for grounding unless I'm pounding on a lee shore! You can use the ICW with an 8' draft, but you will need to time the shallow places Lockwood's Folly & Shallote Inlets, Jekyll Island.... at mid and rising tides. I would not travel at the high tides in any risky areas,- maybe not at all without experiene. We're now southbound on the ICW on our 23rd passage along the US East Coast. We saw 7' at low tide in several places today from the Cape Fear River to Myrtle Beach. If you have reliable diesels, then the offshore hops might suit you well. Up the Delaware and down the Chesapeake through the Virgina cut and on to Beaufort, NC can be easy with 8'. Then, hops to Charlestown, Savannah (cut to Hilton Head via Calliboague Sound) and then Jacksonville. South of Jacksonvile with 8' can be easy as long as you time the mid and rising tides at Matanzas Inlet and Ponce Inlet. Look at the Westland DIY Yard in Titusville for a good possible palce to finish your work.

cowboyjaan 10-03-2013 10:00 PM

Re: I need advice shore or Intracoastal NJ to Florida
Thank you so very much for all that information .. I will heed to this !!
As for reliable diesels .. This journey will be like the " Flight of the Phoenix "
The boat is in real tough shape mechanically right now ..but I am a good mechanic and will get her seaworthy before I push off .
PS. if you are interested I have my boat listed on Ebay item # 271261345464 .. I guess I hoping it will not sell !!
I really do not want to sell her ,,, but, with this short notice I received from Hinkley Yacts
I just got to get her out of that yard ..even if selling is the answer .. :>(

capta 10-03-2013 11:46 PM

Re: I need advice shore or Intracoastal NJ to Florida
You can make pretty easy hops on the outside using only good safe entrances, most of the way.
I know a few people who sail south each fall, using mainly east or west winds, waiting out the weather when necessary.
Stay away from the small inlets and go for places with ship channels and you should find a marina or anchorage to wait out the weather.
I loved the ICW when it was dredged, absolutely one of the greatest trips on earth. Now, you'll have to get your advice from those using it since Bush jr took office.
I'd put my money on tow assistance any way you go, if there's the slightest possibility an engine might die; cheap at twice the price.
You might consider places other than Fla, their tax thing is pretty hefty; SC and Ga might be a cheaper bet.
I also would recommend having several suitable anchors and plenty of chain and lots of line aboard.
Good luck, I hope you don't have to sell your boat.

jimgo 10-03-2013 11:58 PM

Re: I need advice shore or Intracoastal NJ to Florida
We brought our Allmand through the ICW from Atlantic City to Forked River in NJ about 2 months ago. I wouldn't try it with an 8' draft. We bumped bottom a few times while in the channel and the channel is VERY narrow in spots (we have a 3'10" draft and 11'3" beam). Didn't full-stop run aground (except in the Cape May Canal, but that's a separate issue), but we knew we were in SHALLOW water. I'd go North, up the canal and out the inlet, then South along the NJ coast. You can probably hit Atlantic City in a day. Given the boat's condition as you've described it, I wouldn't suggest going at night. Hang out in AC that evening, and figure out what to do next. If you need to, winter in AC and deal with everything while you're there and get her ready for next year.

CalebD 10-04-2013 12:32 AM

Re: I need advice shore or Intracoastal NJ to Florida

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