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The Velvet Swan 04-07-2001 06:04 PM

Renaming a Boat
Does anyone know the ritual for renaming a vessel? We removed everything with the old name and have the sacrificial bottle of champagne but now we''re stumped. Does it have to be on Friday the 13th? Is there a special speech for the ceremony? Any help is appreciated. Gene

paulk 04-07-2001 06:26 PM

Renaming a Boat
We''ve had very good results from using rum (preferably Mount Gay or Gosling''s Black Seal), though Champagne should also be acceptable to the powers that be (or may not be, but why tempt fate?) (Also note that Mumm has withdrawn from sponsoring the Admirals'' Cup, so Tattinger might be a better route in that regard.) Appropriate exhortations to the applicable deities should be made, of course, with the requisite toasts and offerings. Neptune has seemed pleased with the heavy-handed shots we gave him. We''ve won most of the available club silver since our name change and have enjoyed (mostly) smooth sailing ever since. Friday the 13th is another question, however. It might be good to avoid that one, even if you''re pouring the best bubbly.

fer@fer 04-09-2001 06:56 PM

Renaming a Boat
Hi Velvet,

Here you go <a href=""></a>

Listen Gene, is it really a Velvet Swan?


Badfish 04-30-2001 09:43 PM

Renaming a Boat
Quick question about renaming. My wife and I bought a boat last fall. We had the previous owner remove the name from it knowing that we were going to rename it "BADFISH". We were married on a ship and our first sailing experience was on our marriage day and our anniversary is coming up in couple of days and we are going to take our maiden voyage on the "BADFISH". We thought it would be cool to rename the boat and break open our marriage champagne, possibly over the bow, havent decided that one yet, on our anniversary day. Now on to the question. Im probably not going to get time to actually have the name printed on the boat before we sail it. Should we still do the renaming ceremony without putting the name on the boat before the ceremony or should we wait until it actually says "BADFISH" before performing the ceremony?

paulk 05-01-2001 07:25 PM

Renaming a Boat
Not having the name on the boat could be VERY upsetting to Neptune. Why take a chance with ruining your marriage over the boat and losing the boat at the same time? I''d vote for putting the name on, even in temporary electrical tape if you have to.

schoonerman 05-02-2001 06:09 AM

Renaming a Boat
Ditto. Never ever go to sea with no name. Bad juju to those below.

tar428 05-27-2001 12:37 AM

Renaming a Boat
Velvet Swan,

Try this link too.

bodland 05-31-2001 11:59 AM

Renaming a Boat
We renamed a newly purchased used boat this past memorial day weekend.

I saved the boat from certain death by slow decay and thus it was reborn and needed a new name. It got a new name on her before she went into the water. That was important. Not fancy paint just simple black vinyl letters would do for now.

I wrote a short cerimonial speech that my ten year old daughter read. Basically asking permission from the Gods of the sea to accept our new name, keep us and our passengers safe and we offered a sacrifice of beer (The bounty of Wisconsin...Linenkugels) and toasted with Champagne, splashing the hull.

"Raido"* (Rye Doh) is now very happy. Last weekend dancing in the waters of Lake Michigan in a fresh breeze under the blue sky with cruising spinnaker set, a ten year old on the bow, cat below deck and crew in the cockpit...I know Raido was happy, I heard it burble and felt it leap with pleasure!

I know the gods were pleased as well as they parted the clouds and gave us a fair and beautiful day to sail on Memorial day after two days of rain and storms (We sailed anyway)

I would not, however, rename a boat I had already named out of vanity. That I feel would displease the Gods....unless it was completly re-fit or brought back to life after a long period of neglect. Then you better ASK for forgiveness as well.....

* RAIDO - A runic symbol that represents a journey or adventure across land or sea.

mpal 06-19-2001 07:44 PM

Renaming a Boat
Velvet: There is a really fun article about renaming and it includes a ritual complete with proper language to please King Neptune and all his denizens. You can find it in the archives of Good Old Boat magazine which is accessible online.

BigRed56 06-22-2001 01:16 PM

Renaming a Boat
Ahoy Velvet, I have on two occasions now bought derelict vessels and after complete rebuilds I have launched and sailed without any formal name or ceremony. Though I survived certian death on more occasions than I care to remember and ran afoul of bad weather constantly and am now laid up in a full body cast from spinal fusion surgery and can only look out the window at my vessels I reccomend you not follow my foolhearty indifference to tradition lest yee be me one day. Big Red 56

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