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fedman 12-14-2004 01:13 PM

Trimaran Sailing
I''ve always been a monohull man and sailed extensively.
I am about to go to coastal NC in an area that is very shallow and considering as Trimaran due to their ability to operate in shallow water but have never sailed one. I am concerned with its ability to go to weather as well as handle rought seas as experienced along the NC coast. Can anyone provide me any insight to the abilities of a 30 foot or so Tri??

traff 12-17-2004 02:57 AM

Trimaran Sailing
I''ve got a little corsair F-27. (It''s currently docked in Bimini). It''s a pretty fast boat that commonly cruises in the teens while still keeping me dry and comfy.

I definitely wouldn''t call it a "blue water" boat, but as for coastal cruising and handling occaisional short range crossings, it does so quite well.

While crossing the banks over to Nassau, I sail into "the tongue of the ocean". (just N. of Andros.) This convergence of seas commonly suffers from large waves often comming at you from several directions.

Last March, on my way to Nassau, I encountered seas with waves over 20 feet high. - Confidence was high, that me and my little tri would be "mix-mastered" into little pieces.

But, it didn''t happen. After making 4 crossings of the Gulf Stream and getting caught in winds exceeding 40 kts, my appreciation and confidence in "my little tri", continues to grow. note: - The F-27 was recently inducted into the sailboat hall of fame. It is only the 2nd multi-hull to do so. (the Hobie 16 was the first)

You might want to check out the f-boat forum site listed below. Find somebody with a boat close to you and ask em for a ride. (the F-27 isn''t being made anymore and has been replaced by the F-28. You''ll find folks to chat with you, that own f31''s, 33''s and even larger tris as well)

Best to ya,


traff 12-17-2004 03:07 AM

Trimaran Sailing
OOps !

I forgot to mention my draft. These F-boats have dagger boards. With my board all the way down, I draw 4.5 ft.

When I raise it all the way up, I only draw 1.5 ft.

There have been more than a couple of times when I grounded (err, uh, I mean, decided to clean off my daggerboard.) - Biscayne Bay was the last.

Didn''t need to call sea tow or make any sizable contribution to Florida''s "Sea-Grass Disturbance Fund". Nope - Just raised my dagger board a bit, and off I sailed.

Best to ya,


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