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mcycles 01-07-2005 08:39 AM

Boathandling by Specs
Can you tell how a boat should be handled by the specs, or the differences between optimal handling methods for two different boats by their design and specs?

For instance, I was comparing my DB1 to a Hobie 33 (apparently one of its primary competitors in KWRW ''92). They are basically the same LOA and similar type of rig, I''m assuming both have a lead fin keel. Here''s the primary specs.

Hobie 33:
I 33.60, J 12.40, SPL 13.13, P 35.30, E 12.50
Draft 5.50, Beam 8.0, Disp 3800, Ballast 1900, LWL 30.50
UP S/D 28.1, DW S/D 58.8, D/L 60

I 36.67, J 11.58, SPL 11.58, P 41.00, E 14.75
Draft 6.17, Beam 11.17, Disp 7275, Ballast 3500, LWL 26.58
UP S/D, 21.9 DW S/D 40.6, D/L 173

I notice a few differences offhand:

The Hobie has a more centered(?) sail plan arrangement, with a J and E nearly identical, so jib and main similar sized. DB1 mast appears way offset forward in comparison (smaller jib bigger main) with J 11.5 and E 14.75.
The Hobie rig is smaller overall, but higher horsepower by the boat''s SA/D.
The Hobie rig is a near masthead 15/16 type of frac, the DB1 is close to a true 7/8 frac.

The Hobie is very narrow 8'' beam, DB1 is wide 11'' beam.
Hobie has a much longer static waterline, 30.5'' vs. DB1 at 26.5''.
Both appear similar in draft and ballast/displacement ratio.
Hobie quite a bit lighter at 3800 pounds, vs. DB1 at 7275.

Sailing Ratios:
Hobie has much better power-to-weight and length-to-weight ratios.

So, if you were racing these two types of boats, how would you sail them differently to get the most out of each one? Fully crewed versus shorthanded techniques/influences? In what conditions would you expect them to do better or worse based on the specs?

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