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dman 01-26-2005 04:23 AM

email discussion list
Is anyone else having problems trying to join. Trying to join a specific list that is active but when I try and join ,the mailbox doesn`t exist. Thanks for any help.

kokopelli9 01-26-2005 09:03 AM

email discussion list
Seems like there are alot of kinks that still need working out...what happened to the members directory?

SailorMitch 01-26-2005 09:29 AM

email discussion list
I''ve heard that their best programmer recently left the company. Perhaps it''s a miracle the site is up at all?

FYI -- The email lists at are working just fine.

TrueBlue 01-26-2005 09:49 AM

email discussion list
My boat wasn''t on the email list at, so I sent Cheryl an email and Sam initiated a new list . . . sent a well-deserved donation.

Have to give them an A for effort and hope they can pull it off.


waltward 01-26-2005 07:08 PM

email discussion list
A couple of weeks ago I spent over an hour just trying to get into the members directory. Some how I did stumble into it. It does exist. But; since then I have not been able to get back there, I don''t know how I did it.

Walt Ward

waltward 01-26-2005 07:39 PM

email discussion list

Does anyone know if Sam & Cheryl plan to have a message board over at Sailjazz?

Walt Ward

TrueBlue 01-27-2005 03:01 AM

email discussion list
They say it will happen . . . just a matter of time.

dman 01-27-2005 05:07 AM

email discussion list
Checked out the email list myself and joined at sailjazz.There was nobody to discuss anything with,just have to wait and see if anyone else joins.Still trying to join the email list at sailnet for close to 3 weeks.People are on it ,but the same old story,the mailbox doesn`t exist when I try and join.

Denr 01-27-2005 05:12 AM

email discussion list
I''ve hear that Alkieda has been sabotaging the site, you know it''s those "weapons of Mast destruction" thing the idiot Bush can''t find!

dman 01-27-2005 05:51 AM

email discussion list
Denr One thing about your messages I never have to look for the author to know who it is.LOL Where have you been? Writing for Jay Leno.Keep in touch more we all need a good laugh,too many serious people here at times.Reality is the root of all problems.

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